Cawthorn says D.C rife with sexual perversion

I believe him, now (GOP) (D.C. is den of snakes) they want to fry him (he told the truth) Our government is full of a bunch sociopaths and narcissist. Another thing I don’t like this guy or support his politics. But he right on point. Morality and ethics are not for me but for thee.

So yes he was invited to orgies and do coke with Republicans? The guy who drives with a suspended license and takes a gun through security, NC finest.


Doesn’t mean he’s not telling the truth. If you look at history power and sex and bad behavior always have been indulged by the power elite, i.e, Rome etc. That’s why they have no problem in not condemning Trump. He’s one of them. Anybody say Jeffrey Epstein pimp to the rich, powerful and famous. GW alleged use of cocaine, and abuse of alcohol before he was born again, not to mention his being awol while he was suppose to be serving in the AF reserve. Been this way since time immemorial, it’s no different today. We only think it is.

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Oh, i dont doubt it is possible and part of the GOP.

It sounds like he’s now saying it was just one member of Congress and wasn’t an orgy.

Who knows maybe they got him to back track. They don’t like being exposed for what they are. Not saying every elected is corrupt, but our brand of politics in this country attracts the narcissist and sociopaths like flys to cow dung. Why this country is so screwed up.imho 92101 calling them dirty prostitute’s is not too far off. Just the guy he likes so much is leader of the pack.

The fact that the invertebrate McCarthy publicly chastised him and made him walk it back means he was probably telling the truth. I’d also like to know who gets to go to a coke fueled orgy then narcs about it. Someone who is the only person whom had a bad time at a coke fueled orgy. I feel you really have to try to have a bad time at that time of party.

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Old Teddy boy is into a lot of stuff. He just keeps it on the down low.

No he backed down on it. Honestly if he doubled down I’d be less inclined to believe it. The fact that he knuckled under and walked it back actually makes me believe it’s very true. And he’s just a sorry lame wad who couldn’t enjoy a coke fueled orgy then tattled on the whole scene.

I mean If get it of this was a blackmail/House of Cards esque power move. But this doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

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He thrives on attention. All politicians need publicity, but usually they want to tie it to a law or a vote or address an issue of concern (no matter how vapid or self-serving). In a town with fractured norms, he wants the spotlight for himself. Tillis and Burr, both very Trumpy, have made it known he’s got to get something done, not just look for mic drop moments. He makes Trey Gowdy look like Lincoln.

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He walked it back because he was threaten. The news inferred pretty much he was. If he was to join them in there sinful acts he would be compromised and considered one of them. They found out he’s not he’s a cat of a different breed. This guy is one of the guys who wants to burn America down camp, if need be. He’s a powerful speaker and a true believer People listen to him… He’s very charismatic and dangerous to the power elite and they know it.

Of course DC is rife with sexual perversion, Creepy Joe is the current occupier of the White House and Blow Job Bill (the rapist) used to live there.

At least someone is admitting the truth. Kudo’s to you, Sir. They have a lot of company their in D.C. frankly in the country, as well

JFK roamed around before tv or social media could report it so it was always there but less reported than now bc of all the media we have now. Always was

Back the 3 tv channels so jfk was safe lol

don’t forget Ted K and his waitress sandwich.

Yeah him too

Not just JFK, LBJ was poking some of his female secretaries and others as well. Like I said before, sexual promiscuity goes with political and power in general. Like Henry Kissinger said, “power is the ultimate sexual aphrodisiac”.

Clinton had Monica but jfk had Marilyn Monroe lol so jfk did better .

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Everywhere is rife with what somebody, somewhere calls “sexual perversion.” Between consenting adults, it’s nobody’s business.

Remember the old saying, an ounce of perversion is worth a pound of cure.

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