CBS: Candid Coaches: Will name, image and likeness legislation increase or decrease cheating in college sports?

What kind of journalist doesn’t react specific business names [FedEx] from that? All but puts Penny in the spotlight for cheating now.

Under the present state of NIL, there can’t be any cheating. There are no rules! You can buy players for any price, and any purpose.

In the mad dash to comply with Supreme Court ruling, the wild west was recreated. No rules = no cheating.

But that’s on the NCAA for artificially creating this mad dash. States were legislating NIL well before the SC ruling, every legal mind said they were probably going to lose in leading up to it. They just choose to say f it.

Who cares whose to blame? People are fixated on blame rather than fixing the problem.

Good point! How do you fix it, though? I’ve thought about this a bit and don’t really have a workable idea.

Require that all NIL deals be offered and signed prior to the kid choosing a school? At least for their freshman year deals… That way they can take FedEx’s money and still sign elsewhere. Just tossing that idea out.

Let the kids make there money
You haven’t seen anything yet with the NLRB ruling athlete’s are employee’s. Which means they can organize there labor. Which personally I am, all for.

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Why would they redact that when the coach willingly provided it in a quote? That on Penny, not the journalist.

If a coach is speaking on condition of anonymity, as they were here, it’s the journalist’s responsibility to remove or redact any part of the interview that could be used to identify them. If I were a coach, this would be enough to get me to block Norlander’s number.

Lol ok

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