CBS Sports: AAC may look to poach Big 12 teams should Texas and Oklahoma exit


This would be a temporary position for your Baylor’s and Techs until they find a new conference

They have too big of egos to stay in a G5 conference

Almost nobody wants to be in a G5 conference. We’re all here until we can get out


Anyone wanting them would take them now. It won’t matter what they want.

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A combined AAC and Big 12 remnants might be able to get autonomy status.

Plus, whatever value the conference could get TV wise would be greater together than separate.

Click on the Athletic article embedded in this story for more details on these issues.

However, if the Big-12 was smart (LOL), they could go big to 14 and swipe the best of the AAC.

Instead we are hearing the same BS from the Big 12 about teams not adding value. They are in complete denial, much less forward thinking and being proactive.


Of course that is the better alternative and the one that actually works out in theoretical environment. It would be a beastly bb conference and probably tied for third best football conference most years.

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I agree! The lack of vision is hard to believe. If the AAC is making noise about being a power conference how do they not see an opportunity.

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Tech hasn’t been relevant in football in a long time & now that Beard’s gone with basketball who knows how that’ll go. Will be interesting to see what their pitch will be

New B12

Colorado St

Act fast and go 14 if PAC 12 not expanding. Only way we can keep this conference going even if a few more schools get pick up by other conferences. Or if they just want 12, leave Boise St and Colorado St out.

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"“The middle tier right now for the Big 12 is really working against it. I think you make a very, very strong argument on behalf of the American, at worst, as the fourth-best or third-best league in college football right now.”

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G5 sucks overall. UH should stop being nice when it comes to conf. realignment. They have to be like UT & Oklahoma and start going thru back channels. Look were being nice has gotten UH.


I don’t see the logic… at a certain point stalking the hot girl that doesn’t want any part of you gets you a nice restraining order.

Like we have the brand or the sway or the leverage to back channel up? We might be able to back channel into the MAC or Bancorp to CUSA but to think we have been too nice and need to back channel our way into something…

Aresco could make a deal to bring them into the league as an alliance-in-waiting until their contract runs out and then they become a full member. That way they could keep their money and make the landing softer. Then he can seriously go to the networks as arguably the 3rd best league in the country at that point.

Maybe he could work out a cross-over schedule with some teams until that time too.

He is “allegedly” one of the smartest media guys out there. He could probably work out a monstrous BB package for the conference.

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Well, I think the Big 12 still has more “name” than the American so if they came calling we should probably jump ship. Playing KSU, Iowa St, Kansas, certainly beats games against Tulsa, Tulane, and ECU.

It is a temporary fix though! I can see once their OU and ut money dry up those guys will want to bail. Even if they did however it would be no different than where we are right now (despite its growth everyone wants out of the American).

Notre Dame needs to hurry up and join the Big 10. Stop _icking around with the ACC. lol


I think it needs to go the other way since B12 still has the P5 designation and AAC still has that G5 designation. B12 should add the big name schools of the AAC and get to 14 or16 and add BYU. But as stated above by others, the B12 remnants think they have this inflated value that only came about by association with ut and OU. They are delusional about their real value. And they are stuck in that deadly mindset.


Ideally you are right. But imagery is often more powerful than reality in sport. The AAC has an image of stability right now. The B12 is a meme.

Since the p5 designation and money that come with it will be decided at a later date it might be better to align it under the AAC umbrella.

But I don’t disagree entirely with your theory.

I don’t think they’d want to share their money right now. Especially if they can take it and join up later.


Mack Rhodes offers to:

  1. Sponsor UH into surviving B-12;
  2. UH sponsors Baylor into enlarged AAC;
    3.Baylor and UH and TT and OSU offer as package to PAC.

I’m pretty confident Mack Rhodes is working his UH connection about now.


Do not understand. Are you saying he’s trying all simultaneously?

Possible outcomes.