CDH has to win the game!

Sumlin went into #5 Oklahoma State and came out with the W plus he beat many other P5 programs.

Herman beat Florida State and then followed that up with a win over Big 12 Blue Blood, Oklahoma.

yes, Levine beat a depleted, scandal exhausted Penn State and Applewhite beat a crappy Arizona squad but which group does CDH’s Legacy belong?

Slaying a top 5/10 team, as Sumlin and Herman have done with LESS talent/resources or in the Levine/Applewhite category of NOT capable of finding a way to record a W vs a top P5?

CDH…we are ALL watching you make your move.

Let’s hope this is the coaching job of your life…it HAS been done before!




Nah CDH is good. He beat WVU. Doesn’t matter that we blew a lead and needed a Hail Mary. It was time for him to partyyyyy!!! He will try to get through this game injury free. Lots of running the ball and slowing down the playcalling. Try to keep with under 20 point L to “beat the spread”.


I’ve watched UT play a few times and they are far superior on both sides of the ball, including coaching. If he pulls this off, it would be the biggest feat of any UH coach. I think the Horns win by at least 28.


Oh…I agree.

99 out of 100 times UT beats us…we just need to find a way to win that 1 out of 100.

Texas Tech beat UT last season…and with OUR quarterback.

We should have beaten Texas Tech last season IF we found a way to stop them on 4th and 20.


Best wins of Dana’s career at Houston:
Against #19 SMU- 2021
Against Auburn- Bowl game 2021
UTSA- 2022

Worst losses:
Rice- 2023
Tulane 2019
SMU - 2022

Someone send a bottle of Blanton’s to Sark’s room…


Good one.

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As no one expects him to win or even be close, I predict CDH has 50 people at his house Friday night instead of Saturday.

If we had Greg Ward or Case Keenum as QB, I would give us a shot. That 2015 defense would give UT some issues. The 2023 one? Hopefully they get some lucky bounce turnovers to keep UT under 50.

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Smith has looked pretty damn good the last 2 games and our OL and skill players are damn good, too…

I know CDH has underwhelmed but we have some damn good football players on this team.

Damn good… Just wanted to say it one more time. :grin:


Yes sir.

You know if this game start to get on the edge of a possible blowout Dana will start running that clock and waving the white flag.
Whatever it takes to try and keep the score “ respectable “.

Smith looked great last game. But, he didn’t have much pressure on him. UT will get pressure often and this is the game for Smith to prove he can handle it. The right side of the O-line has to step up too.


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Levines staff provided almost all of the players Herman won with. Levine did not have the coaching staff.

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CDH does not have to win this game. He said himself he’s got the fat buyout.

Will he punt on 4th from the Texas 30 ? ? ? ? ? Asking for a friend . . . . .