CDH press conference Monday 11/11

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Transcript from the 1st video:

On playing freshmen…
“Nobody wants to play a freshman offensive lineman ever in the history of football. Ever. I don’t care where you’re at. Nobody wants to play freshmen. The fact that we’re in that situation tells you a little bit about where we are at. We are probably going to play Patrick Paul, and we’re probably going to play Cam’ron Johnson. We have nobody else. Chayse Todd is a little underweight for a center right now, so that’s a little bit more challenging. Don’t forget that Jack Freeman is a freshman and Dixie Wooten III has never played. We’re playing guys up front that have never played. That’s the worst situation you could possibly be in. Period. On probably a more realistic level, because what I just said right there is unrealistic to be successful in football. Terrell Brown will play a lot in the next three weeks, he is physically ready to go. [Ronald] Nunnery is another young kid that is going to be able to play a little bit. We won’t get a ton of very good quality snaps out of these guys. They’re young and not quite ready to play, but that’s who we have to be able to play. Nelson Caeser is another guy. Other than that, we don’t have a lot of freshmen on our team that can play. We have to load up with some transfers to get this roster right. Those are some of the freshmen we got and will probably see a few snaps.”