CDH - sold as the program builder

If we can’t wait for 4 star and a few 5 star top high schoolers to impact our roster, how long will we wait to be at the top of the big 12 nil money food chain to recruit the top transfers

He lost to Rice. What lack of building and money caused that?


The idea that all of Dana’s problems will be solved if he brings in 4 and 5 star players is BS! Look no further than Jimbo Fisher if you want proof that coaching and scheme are important ingredients for a winning program. Regardless of how much talent he signs every year, his teams continue to struggle in the field.

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The ONLY thing Dana is building is his 401 Portfolio.


for us oldies…Yeoman spoiled us with his 2-3 star recruits being successful!!

99% of the time the 5 star players go to the top 15-20 blue blood schools - USC, OU, UT, ATM, Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Florida, LSU, Ohio State, etc…

So really we are talking about 4 star players. Surely if we brought in more 4 star players it would help our program.

The problem is that the coaching/schemes, etc… need way too much work for a few 4 stars to fix. Its not like if we go from 1-2 4 star recruits a year to 4-5 4 star recruits a year that we will magically go from 3-9 to 9-3 next year. We are in the big boy leagues now. Yes we have to bring in the talent but you HAVE to have competent coaching that can scheme up and maximize your talent you do have if you want to get to that 8-10 win threshold. Anybody think CDH, Belk and the rest of the coaches seem up to the task? I have no confidence in this staff to get it done in the short term (next year) much less long term.

Sadly, I fear we could be a couple years out, even with competent coaching, from having an 8-10 win season in the Big 12. We better get used to losing seasons and being content with getting to a bowl game in the short term as sad as that is to say.

I think that with the hoopla of his coming here the kids would just flock to Cullen to play for him. Had he put in the effort to build us as a solid G5 program, then it would have been easier to continue to the Big12. Now, it is starting/building time with the only thing to sell is the Big12 not UH football.