CDH Suppoter/Apologist

Time and resources have been given.
Year one, a gimme
Year two - Covid
Year three a good record (should have been with that schedule)
Year four and five, Big 12 prep years.

We seem to have stagnated and even begun to regress. Others are doing it quickly, with all of our resources, support and of course the multitude of great talent within a drive of the campus, there is no excuse.
We used to be known for our explosive offense, now it is non-existent. Barely beating UTSAC at home (lucky spot helped), losing to Rice and not even being competitive with TCU is embarrassing.
It’s time for a change.
If Pez is a good Administrator, he is putting together a list of candidates to reach out to at season’s end. I don’t see it happening before that.
There is no game plan, which accounts for the scrambling during the first half and coming out focused in the second, why?

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I think we all seem to forget that Dana was on the verge of being fired at WVU until Houston saved him.

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“…until Fertitta saved him.” Fixed that for you

I am NOT ungrateful but it seems now that Dana has proven himself. Not necessarily the proof of what we wanted but reality bites.


I’ve written my emails for whatever good they’ll do. It felt good to write them.


If true, maybe some other rich fool will sign him somewhere else lol