CDH Weekly Presser 10-7

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“Why he wasn’t redshirted it boggles my mind…”

In reference to the lack of redshirting by previous regime.


The same reason he isn’t redshirting now. Lack of depth.

Not in every case. Zamar Kirven played very few snaps and most if not all of that was special teams. I’ll never believe hat was a necessity. Bardwell is another. He didn’t play as a freshman because of injury to a starter. Apple cider just didn’t know what he was doing or he was purposefully sabotaging our program.

And then there was the Dormady vs Tune red shirt fiasco. I wonder how much money Dormady’s parents paid Apple crisp to let their son red shirt last year so he can be a star at Central Michigan this year?


Dormady injured his knee in their 61-0 loss to Wisconsin and may miss the rest of the season. Unless they can prove that he redshirted last year due to injury, his career may be done.

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Herman didn’t redshirt many because he was all about the now. He knew he wouldn’t be here when those true freshmen became seniors. But hey, we weren’t complaining in 2015.

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Transcript from the press conference included

We have talked about this in length but it is always got to be the ‘next-guy-up’ mentality. It doesn’t matter why, nobody cares why whether its guys are retiring because they’re sore or because guys don’t want to play football anymore, guys need a redshirt, guys get suspended, guys have academics. There have been times where I have told guys ‘You aren’t playing football because your academics aren’t good enough.’ So there is a whole bunch of reasons why, nobody cares why but you better have guys step in and play at a high level and that’s what we did. Those three guys stepped in and played well. Courtney Lark stepped in and played really well and he needs to continue to embrace having a bigger role. So far so good when it comes to that. We have had linebackers go down and guys like Zamar Kirven get in there and smack the quarterback two or three times, that was pretty impressive to me. That is another young kid, a sophomore, who didn’t redshirt that hasn’t played much but stepped in and did a good job. That has got to be the mindset each and every week, regardless of the position or reason people aren’t playing”