Cedric Alley transferring?

There’s a rumor on social media to that effect.

Can anyone confirm?

Yep. It’s official.

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Wish him the best of luck. He was a great Cougar who just saw this program getting better each season and aying time tougher.


Hope to make it through Sunday without Grimes putting his name in the NBA draft.


Is the NBA still going forward with pre-draft camps and team workouts before the draft amid all the COVID19 stuff? If not, it seems like it would be difficult to get good feedback regarding a players possible draft position. The NFL certainly had an abridged version of the combine and PRO days were canceled ahead of tonight’s draft.

I wish Cedric all the best and hope he finds a spot where his talents can be utilized to their fullest. I had predicted this months ago and am not surprised in the least. But, I still appreciate all he has done as a Coog and will always consider him one.


no pre-draft worksout… virtual workouts have also been banned, sending video of workouts filmed after the the nba cancellation (mid march) also has been banned…

its unlikely the bans will be lifted before the withdrawal deadline of june 1st… numerous nba execs are pushing to push back all deadlines and the draft. its unclear if they will



I wish Cedric the best and support his decision. The UH BB program is getting better each year.

The UH success formula is simple…better coaching leads to better recruits which leads to better results. Better results leads to better recruiting. Repeat.

Cedric wasn’t going to get much PT on this team. It is what it is.


I thought he exemplified the programs character and culture. He’s a Coog for sure and forever!


This move gets our total scholarships in line.

Like many I expected this. He just no longer was getting playing time.

He is good and certainly can play somewhere.

Good Luck!!!


I wonder where he might end up. SFA might be a great fit.


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Good move for Ced. He will always be Coog.


He exemplified the coog spirit on the court. Maximum hustle and effort.
Wish him the best. Will definitely miss watching Cedric .


No doubt. He’s a hard worker and based everything I observed, he was a great teammate. Despite losing minutes he was always prepared to play. Great work ethic.
Wherever he lands, I wish him the best.


I wish him nothing but the best!

The pieces are beginning to fall into place for next years team. Just need to figure out whats going to happen with Hinton / Jarreau and perhaps Grimes.

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Ced is a true leader and a kid who hustled every minute he was on the court.
He got caught up in the numbers and just wasn’t a good fit.
Hope he lands somewhere good with no pressure on him and plays well.
Bet coach still loves and admires the kid. I do too


He was a very good fit his first year, only issue is/was that ea year staff is upgrading talent. So you get squeezed out for someone more talented. Part of the competition in all level of Sports. I hope he finds another place to show some of his talents.

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I loved watching his hustle and determination. I know we all saw this as the most likely outcome if no one stayed in the draft. I wish him the best and will root for him to have a great finish to his collegiate career.

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