Cedric Alley transferring?

Unless he has a pressing family issue or an injury it’ll be hard - can’t leave town using the family issue so they may have to get real creative.

Supposedly the reason everyone was pretty optimistic about Grimes getting a waiver was because Kansas didn’t have a scholarship for him anymore after he pulled out of the draft. He was initially denied because the reason his scholarship went to someone else was of his own doing (entering the draft). Fortunately sanity prevailed and the NCAA ultimately accepted the argument that his decision to test the waters shouldn’t be held against him because he tested the waters in accordance with a rule from the NCAA designed to allow players to do just that.

What I gathered from that situation is that there’s precedent to get a waiver if you lose your spot/scholarship. Others may be more familiar of other instances of waivers being approved/denied when using that as the basis for seeking one.

I know that regardless of why you are seeking one, academic standing can go a long ways towards getting one approved. The whole basis for why the sit one rule was originally implemented was because transfers are more prone to struggle academically.

It would be kind of cool to see him at Fertitta Center wearing a Rice uniform. It would certainly add to the game atmosphere lol.
I bet our staff is helping him find a new spot


He’s a Klein Tx kid, not Houston. SHSU can beat TSU or PV in hoops. I agree with one of posters who says neither Conf is any where close to high level Basketball. Lastly on my ex. being able to drive to Huntsville, I can assure you his parents (not sure where grandma lives…she went to all hm gms) can get to Huntsville from Klein(5-10mins from The Woodlands) quicker then they can to drive from Klein through downtown Houston to FC @ 6:00 p.m. on Wed night! I’m just comparing TSU vs say SHSU. SFA is definitely cream of crop in Southland for several yrs running. BearKats had good run until Marlin left to go to ULL.

Not against him going to Sam but so you seriously think getting to Huntsville from the Woodlands takes 10-15 minutes?

No Klein to The Woodlands is 10 mins…

Another 30-35 mins to Huntsville from I-45/ Woodlands Pkwy.

Lol ok. I went to Huntsville from Conroe several times but to me the trip to HTown wasn’t much longer. Of course traffic is worse now.

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Yep once you get to Woodlands area I-45 is much improved to get through Conroe area etc. Fig maybe 45 mins from Klein area to Huntsville, depending how far u are from I-45 in Klein. Way tmi but i live in Cypress(off hwy290) and takes 1 hr from my driveway to get to Huntsville. Takes me 60-70 mins from Cypress leaving around 5:30 to get to mid-week gm at FC .

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That trip from Conroe to Houston wasn’t bad at all when I was going to see that PSJ group lol.


Wonder what the Metro Hou population was in 1983 vs 7 mil now! :grimacing::woozy_face:

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Of course the freeways were much smaller then too…I can remember the nightmare of driving from Houston after 5 pm to Conroe…horrible traffic…can’t imagine what it is like now lol

BTW, I had a lot of my friends graduate from Sam Houston State. Also have family members who graduated from SFA, and unfortunately A&M lol…

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Yes the biggest improvement they made is where it would bottleneck at the bridge coming into Conroe. What’s name of the River there at bridge? Anyway it was horrible even back in early 80s with vehs trying to get on I-45 n vehs already on 45 headed North!

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Well little fun fact some already know on here is I’m actually a SHSU Grad. I was going to UH bec all my older bros/sis had gone there but I went to BearKat land w/ intention of walking on Baseball team. Baseball part didnt materialize but got great Business degree out of Sam. Been going to #GoCoogs Athletics since my older brother took me to see BIG E play at Delmar Fieldhouse in 68/69 against Centenary. I was 9 and was so excited when i got one of those miniture basketballs they would throw at hlftime or during timeouts!! I’ve been hooked ever since n followed All Coog Athletics very very closely for last 50+ yrs. Season tik holder only to Coog Hoops at moment. #GoCoogs


That ‘Like’ was for SHSU only not SFA ! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Klein Forest is Houston not real Klein. The history of KFHS is that it was basically created to house part of the Acres Homes community and areas nearby when the state forced districts to integrate as there are communities directly across the street from Eisenhower zoned to Klein Forest. Look at their map it’s a lollipop. So if he’s from that area he is from Houston off 249 and 12 miles from downtown.

If UH is offering to place him surely they’ll put him somewhere where he’s off the grid as he could come back to hurt you lol. But waiting on a potential waiver and losing out on another player if the waiver is denied almost makes him a risk so he could go D2.

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Spent a couple of years at Sam before transferring to UH. I was at Sam because it was a cheap stepping stone straight out of Huntsville High. :slight_smile:

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Very nice.

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