CFB Schedules

Anyone know where I can find printable team schedules by conference? My dad likes to cross off the games during the season to pass the time since he can’t get out anymore. He used to buy magazines and do it but the print is too small. Thanks.

I use this. I print it each week and highlight the games I want to watch and keep track of. Its. Ot by conference but it is accurate and tells me everything i need.

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There are also the Helmet Schedules…they don’t have all of the details but they are fun to look at for me!

2nd for FB Schedules. If you know how you can scrape that site and pull everything into excel, or just right click and print the entire schedule each week.

I go here: College Football Schedule - FBS (I-A) | ESPN

In the upper right hand corner their is a box to click to allow you to pick individual conferences if you don’t want to see all the games at once. Hope this helps.

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