CFB Week 12 - Non UH Games

I don’t know if I dislike the Mudcats or the Donks worse.

That is a tough one for sure.

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New Mexico State leads Auburn 10-7 at the half

Georgia ragdolling Tennessee. I honestly dont see anyone beating them

Anyone watch some of ECU v Navy ?
Announcer mentioned the sloppiest game they have done together.
Navy 5-5 w @ SMU then Army v Navy.

Memphis w a tough one at home v SMU today.

OK uses its redshirt on 5 Star back up today.
He could have some big games coming up.
HUGE pick 6 for OK.

SAM up at W KY.

WVU gets 7th win v Cinn.

TCU up 14 v Baylor.

Rice w 5 wins. @FAU.
Tulane 10-1 after FAU today.

New Mexico State taking control of the game. Leading Auburn 17-7 and driving

NMSU manhandling Auburn 24-7

nm st wins 31-10 ay auburn !

i think you can take bama and the points in the iron bowl, auburn will be in headcase state


north alabama up 13-0on FSU at FSU then the FSU QB goes down. FSU may still win but their college football playoff dreams may be done,

What is in the water in Las Cruces?!

I love it baby!

Yes, Auburn is down but they lost by a TD to both Georgia and Ole Miss.

That stadium at Oregon State looks great and is rocking.

Meanwhile at the place I love …

Huge 3d down coming up w 2:17 left KSU up 4 on KU.

Give these guys a raise.