CFB Week 16 - Bowl Season

Fun weekend coming up. All times are EST.

G5 involved weekend bowl previews on Underdog Dynasty.


Need UTSA to win so that Dana can boast of a win over a team in the Final Top 25.


If he is braggin about a win over UTSA, he might as well brag about barely beatin the smart guys (Rice).

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Beat Tulsa Beat Tulsa!

Except that Rice is probably not going to end up in the top 25.

You’ve got a problem beating a top 25 team because … there’s no good reasons. Just dumb.

What were the odds that UTSA and Troy would both be ranked in Top 25 playing each other in Bowl Game… awesome for them


sure wish they woulda flipped the cinci and florida games to night with the unt and smu games. sure, unt and smu are in texas but myself and probably most of the country would rather sit thru the other two at night than smu and unt.

although smu does have the ability to light it up as we know(i just threw up in mouth a little thinking about it)

Miami (Ohio) helmets in their bowl game looks familiar

We need the #7 and #8 conference champs matched up every year. Call it some type of consolation championship.

Fun start to bowl season

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pretty good 1st game. uab comes back to take the lead by 4 and then stops miami-ohio at its own 2 yard line to win.


UTSA vs Troy going to be a good one it’s on watching it on YouTube it’s free

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Let’s go Runners! When’s the next game where both teams are ranked?

Alamo Bowl on the 29th. Texas vs Washington.

UTSA should’ve gone for the 4th and 2. Troy ain’t doing anything offensively anyway.

ESPN has a section where they are picking the bowl games….

Paraphrasing here.

But the guy said a Houston team that underachieved and seemed disinterested most of the year…combined with the lack of bowl success seen by Dana Holgerson coached teams……take the 6.5 points and Louisiana.

So it seems it’s not just us whiny fans that recognize the poor coaching job we saw this year….4M for the laziest coach in D-1….yeah baby.


Zebras stepping in to give Troy some life

Edit: holy hell UTSA getting jobbed

Refs at the Cure Bowl flat out suck!

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TD Zebras! smh

It wouldn’t be Bowl Season without the ear grating voice of Beth Mowins