CFP folks now considering a 16 team playoff!

This might open up some AAC opportunities!!!


Title is wrong the NCAA doesn’t run the “playoffs”.

I personally think 12 is the magic number. Conference Champs plus 2 at larges. Top four ranked champs get a bye.


Point taken.


Eight. P5 plus 3 with one slot for non P5.

Rose, Orange, Cotton, Sugar, Fiesta, Citrus, peach

Clean. Makes the Bowls matter again. More money than God.


Not till at least 25 the article said.

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Better late than never!

Maybe not realistic, but we can always dream!

I doubt this format since it would allow too many teams in as conference champs that are not P5, thus diluting the money that P5’s suck up every year.

Remember … it is all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !


If 16 teams then we’re in and good.

We can then be ok in the AAC

and you believe this crap?

interesting coincidence that this article would come up right after European soccer fans rejected the so called super league.

Hummm maybe the cartel is trying to appease some G5 fans out there? What makes you think the cartel will open its bank to us? They have been lying to us since the bcs or even before. Why would they do it now?

Could they suffer from a case of ?


Mr. T knows best

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Espn is saying it so

A 16 team playoff without the 10 FBS conference champions being represented means squat.


The Mwc was mentioned along with 11 prez which to me means the 11 conferences.11 means the eleven div 1 conferences to sign on and we wouldn’t sign on if no seat at the table is given. With 16 slots, the g5 will have some spots and the p5 will be happy also.

There are 10 conferences in the FBS. What am I missing?

BIG 10
BIG 12

Independents fall within the at-large category, including Notre Dame.

There is no way the second and third place SEC team ever loses a spot to North Texas or Middle Tennessee State. I just cannot see the conference champions getting auto bids. There would be an asterisk like all conference champions in the top 25 of a poll that is controlled by a mystery group of people representing the ‘cartel’.


I understand what you are saying, but the same logic could be used against the AAC.

It’s about equal opportunity, Give the smaller conferences a chance. I could care less about a third place finisher among the privileged few.

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It’s 10 conf prez plus ND so 11 or something along those lines but the article suggests we all have a say vs just the p5

It might be a deal where 11 or 12 p5s make it then 4 or 5 G5’s but that is way better than we have now or worse case if we get 2 spots bc then there are no barriers to a nat champ or the shot vs now.we’d be in the discussion like the ncaa bb tourney which is good if this happens then our league can grow with less teams jumping from our conf. I want us to be p5 but if not this 16 field is good for us if it happens.Plus more money for us too.

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Can’t wait to see how the almighty CFP board screws this up.

16 is what I have wanted from the beginning.


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