CFP folks now considering a 16 team playoff!

Yes 16 is what all G5s want and most P5s but I don’t see that number happening. Sixteen would be a shock to the CFB system. They have never made such a radical change.

CFB normally makes small incremental changes and the old guards are afraid of trying something so different.

The article says they have 63 scenarios but I’m sure they’ll select one of the easiest ones with 6-8 teams. We have to hope they will do the right thing and have a guaranteed G5 with 8 teams.

If some kind of miracle happens and the smarter heads prevail and they decide on 16 teams, there is no need for a guaranteed G5 spot.

I would bet there is a push coming from the P5 conferences as well as the G5. I believe everyone is getting tired of the Alabama, Clemson invitational with the usual sub plot of Oklahoma, Ohio State or some random other SEC school. Opening up the field to more teams helps other teams with recruiting because there are more opportunities to make the playoffs just like basketball.

But I doubt seriously if they will have all Division I conference champions qualify. I would imagine at best you would see 10 slots to the P5 conferences and a guaranteed amount for the other conferences that probably would not be six but more in line of three and if a conference with three at large that would probably always go to P5 schools and on rare occasions to a 4th G5 conference school.

However, it would still be better than today where the door is completely closed to any G5 conference and for that matter closed to probably 55 schools or more in the P5 conferences. A good example was last year when A&M did not make the playoffs.


espn is saying so…So what?

The same so called news came out last year, the year before and so on.
The same espn has its entire anchor team saying that a G5 team does not belong in a cfp no matter if it is eight or 16 teams. Look it up. They have been saying the same thing each time the cfp gets closer to its conclusion. I am not inventing anything. It comes for the horses mouths. Horses mouths is a kind word.

I am bewildered that some of you still think that there is not a cartel behind the cfp. Please explain to me how you think that way. Thank you.

Same crap again nothing will change.

Any proposal that includes a carve out for the so-called p5 is unacceptable.

16 would be neat but a pipe dream. Haha. The reward for winning CUSA or Sunbelt is a date with Alabama or Ohio St.

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Well, that would be no different than a 1 seed playing a 16 seed in the NCAA Tournament. But, yeah, this all feels like when the Big 12 said they would add teams and then backed off. I’ll believe this when I see it.


But we wouldn’t be playing bama first round. We likely get a team we could compete with first round cusa etc. So if it happens , The AAC is in a good spot.

Yes, they all have a say, but 5 conference Presidents and ND have more say. They always have the nuclear option of just becoming their own ESPN college football universe. They already have defanged the NCAA of any teeth, taken their playoff with their own rules to where they want them. Only a matter of time before the P5 realize they are actually driving the boat and take it to wherever they want. No way will we see all conference champions and a handful of at large. The ‘G6’ have just about zero leverage and cannot even bluff. They will say ‘yes dear’ and will hold a purse while the P5 tries on new schematics of the CFP.

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This idea would create 15 different game sites, a la March Madness.

Some smaller Bowls would host a game, creating major incoming $money.

ESPN etc. would have 15 games to broadcast any of which feature the eventual National Champ. You know, like March Madness.

The $money of 16 teams will be too much to decline. Imagine that NRG Stadium is a real Bowl Game affecting the National Title. Any local interest? Any fans coming from elsewhere to see their team. Hotel receipts? Restaurant receipts? Shopping receipts?

This could happen. Remember that in 1967 our Final Four Team was one of only 32 participants. Demand gave us what it is today.

And, yes, like in Basketball there will be a 16 seed and they will be crushed in round one.


At this point, I think the G5 commissioners should just band together and take it to congress. Make them change it to be fair for all schools. There is no reason why football shouldn’t have a fair playoff system like the lower levels do and like college basketball does. The P5 has too much power and it’s just unfair to everyone else.

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I love your ideas but once again…We are dealing with a cartel.

A P5 commissioner being asked by an obscure G5 commissioner…

Another P5 commissioner getting tired of the question

P5’s security detail

espn execs love the free publictiy

but…later on during the year about a possible G5 inclusion into the cfp…

G5 fans thinking out loud

That is better than what they get currently. Which is the whole point for getting excited about expansion.

Of course I agree with you that it is a pipe dream.

Too many gif’s


Fair enough Sukie.

You guys are looking at this wrong, any scenario would be based on highest ranked 8, 12 or 16. They aren’t going to chuck that and dole out slots to P5/G5. They don’t need to in order to protect the P5 because they generally control most of these spots in the rankings. All this would do is give the P5 more slots and actually give 1 or 2 G5 a shot each year.

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I agree with you on all your points except the last one. Nothing says that it will give a G5 or more G5 teams a shot. Was there a G5 commissioner involved? Per the reporting it says so. That does not mean anything. The exact same point/discussion was reported…last year and the year before. Look it up. It a carbon copy. espn is doing this on purpose to make every G5 fan out there thinking they have their back…People keep drinking the same Kool-aid.

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If we go to 16 , the g5 will have a spot. Cincy would have made the cut along ucf and us in past yrs

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I love the thought TOP25 but what makes you think they will do so? “They” meaning the cartel.

With 16 they can’t keep us out so I’m 100% positive the aac will be ok in that scenario. If they go to 8 we still have a chance so much more than now. It still doesn’t stop conf realignment bc that is about money for each conf by gaining new markets but if we never get to a p5 then this will really help to bridge the gap bc then we can recruit to the aac saying , you have a chance for playoffs and a NC.

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