CFP Holding at 4 through 2026

Looks like the CFP will remain at four teams through the end of the contract.

Again not surprised. The Alliance will use the impending deadline as leverage to get what they want. Also, I expect that they will also use this to get new TV deals outside of the ESPN spider web.

I say bully for them. Anything that brings down the mouse I am for.

Bowlsby (Big 12 commish) is quoted in the article. He is clearly afraid of losing more teams to other conferences, which is why he wanted something done now. If he can show his remaining members that they have a chance in the CFP, then his thinking is that they are less likely to leave.

Problem for the teams in the Big 12: they have nowhere to go, so that threat is empty. If Kansas gets a Big Ten invite, there is little the Big 12 can do to stop it.

You are assuming they have no where to go. This tells me that media rights as always will dictate what comes next. This IMO will tell us if the BIG12 remains a Power Conference of not.


The big 10’s last two additions were based on media rights on cable payouts. But still predicated on capturing a market base.

Kansas is basketball blue blood but I don’t see any way they bring in Rutgers or Maryland style markets.

Plus, with a possible billion dollar media deal, Kansas would never be able to buy in based on basketball alone.

No remaining big 12 team has a viable P level landing spot.

All the more reason to avoid the PAC-12, a conference that hasn’t qualified a team for the four-team playoff in several years, and whose #2 team this season got whooped by a MAC team in its bowl game.


Exactly. There is no way the B1G is expanding especially if they are getting a $1B TV deal. They do not need anyone else especially a non-football power like Kansas that doesn’t bring any football money to the conference.

Adding Kansas would be one of the dumbest moves by the B1G.

It’s a 1 billion plus deal. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,1.4, who knows since there going open bid. Probably do what the NFL has done, split it up among different interest. Put the mouse in his place

You seem so sure. How in the world would you know? Do you work for the networks or the conferences?
You are assuming.
Am I assuming that you are against U of H getting a fair share of the PUF. Are you for U of H getting a fair share of the PUF?

I don’t disagree. I am just saying that if they were made an offer, they would take it, regardless of whether the CFP expanded.

With that said, if the BigTen did expand, I still say Kansas is the best bet, because they meet all the academic requirements.

Iowa State says hold my beer.

Bolwsby is not quoted in the espn article. He didn’t say what you wrote. Stop making false statements.


I like the prospects for UH as it’s shaping up - either be one of if not the big fish in XII football or land a golden ticket to the Pac10 as their opening bridge to the CDT time zone. Should be some great football matchups with the west coast teams

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I do too James. Let’s all hope for the best.

Too much ego to get anything done.

Everyone in their feelings after the SEC taking Texas and OU.

Some want guaranteed P5 spots. Aresco made a big deal about not having automatic P5 spots. Now he’s really complaining about playoff expansion not happening. Seems like he overplayed his hand and is mad about it.

What a lot of people do not seem to realize is that playoff expansion only has to be unanimous to change under the current contract. When the new agreement is hammered out, those opposing expansion will not have the veto power that they currently hold. They will either get on board or run the risk of being left out.


There is no quote from Bowlsby.

His only mention in the article says that he favored the MWC’s twelve team proposal, as did others, including the SEC.

EastCoast must have read a different article.

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I dunno how far away we are from AAU but i hope there’s no more shake-ups until we achieve that. That puts UH in a whole new category.

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Agreed. After the news of Texas and OU broke, the AD of every remaining Big 12 school reached out to other conferences to see if there was any interest. There was none.

Any of the other P5 conferences could have swooped in to pick up the remains, but chose not to.


This is why we can NOT add anymore G5s.

We add SMU, Boise, Memphis , Colorado State, etc. And we remove our Power Conference label all on our own


It would be the Big East all over again.

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Apologies fellow Coogs. I read a different article and put in the wrong one. Here is the article I read:

Apologies all.

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