CFP Poll

Any guesses where we are ranked in that one? I’m guessing 22nd :open_mouth:

Yep, I’m thinking somewhere in the 20s

Not ranked.

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Around 18-19.

Why ask? This is not like JFK asking why rice plays the whorns. The board has already determined the cartel controls it all, I have already shared it is an espn product and no amount of discussion will make a difference.

How many are going to dallas? I’m in with my group. The weather should be nice.
I can report if their 300 students leave at halftime.
CMD will not blitz enough.
The offense is likely to go 3 an out at least one time, which I’ve said before shouldn’t happen.
CMA is not a drama queen on the sidelines.

I love the kids and that is why I go to the games. They deserve my support, not a coach, not admin, the kids.

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I’ll be happily surprised if we are ranked 25th. The last time the CFP ranked a G5 team higher than the AP was in 2015 when they ranked Temple and Memphis each two spots higher and that year we were ranked 7 spots lower.

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UCF #16
UH #23
scientifically calculated based on 4 years of CFP committee past behavior data.
Still hoping that they changed their behavior this season.

UCF #12
UH #19

Why ask why?

UCF #15

Rich needs coffee.


I will go postal if we are ranked worse than 19



if this happens im done


Jerry Palm is a JOKE!!!

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Unfortunately I believe there is a good shot of it. Committee hates G5.

Wow… we would kill about half of those teams on that list … if we were to play them…


that’s weak! why not go all the way? if you only beat half you’re still not there. This board believes UH can beat any team any time despite the fact they do not like the coach or defense or one or more coaches will be gone at the end of the year.

having fun with this board … unicorns and rainbows!