CFP rankings

Don’t sleep on UAB. Seriously. They’re 7-1. And they play A&M on November 17. If they somehow beat Aggy and win out, a 12-1 UAB with a win over A&M would likely compare favorably to Buffalo or a two-loss AAC or MWC champ.


My goodness this year has been fun to talk about! Who would have thought we’d ever be talking about the likelihood of Utah State, Buffalo or UAB thieving the NY6 slot from the AAC or Boise? Just wild!

Good call lawdog I forgot about UAB. Back from the dead literally.

Georgia Southern is another team to look out for because their only loss is to Clemson and they just beat App. State who was #25 at the time.

Yup, that’s why I’m rooting for UAB to get the NY6 bid if we don’t. It would be one of the greatest stories in the history of college football.

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No…for many reasons…that’s like rooting for UTEP or UTSA…UAB and Alabama in Top Bowls is similar to Texas/UTEP in major bowls…no!

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Speaking of UTEP. They have a huge showdown with Rice this weekend. Just found this tweet that literally made me LOL.

UTEP vs Rice
Ah, the Toilet Bowl.

Rice barely beat PV A&M…with a comeback victory…

At least one of them will have their first conference win.

Confused, Fatalistic and Paranoid
three words for the win!

I predict a triple overtime that ends in a 2-2 tie. (Both teams get safeties.)

seriously though…Rooting for the hometown Owls in this one as I want Dimel to be an obscure college football trivia answer.

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.poopy…oooh…CFP…What is College Football Playoff?? What do I win, Rich??

UTEP vs Rice

Oh, you are generous with the score. :smile:

6 years ago, we were in the same conference and division with these two schools…


Haven’t seen this anywhere so I’ll post it here.


This guy is confirming what many of us already suspected that having a committee like this is flawed. I was hoping that they would have kept the BCS poll and had 8 or 16 team playoff and don’t label conferences P5 and G5. Obviously this playoff system was meant to give all the money to certain conferences.

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Good video, but he only discussed unfairness & bias within “P5” conferences. Talking heads only get agitated when a conference like the Big 10 is underrepresented. No discussion about the broader bias towards all the other FBS schools. He supported computer data, which was also no friend to UH.

However, have to agree with the premise that 13 people in a room ranking teams is a flawed system.


Computers have us between 25 and 40, but we’ve steadily been moving up and we play our best competition the next few games.
One reason for our ranking being so low is the extreme outlier of the TT game. Our defensive metrics are throw off because the one game was sooooo bad. They put up more than twice the average of points we give up vs everyone else.

Read between the lines. This analysis and reasoning isn’t a slap at U of H. It’s merely a slap at UCF and the AAC as a whole. There’s no way anyone among the committee can say with a straight face they ‘disrespect’ anything the Cougars have accomplished most of this decade. Let’s hope everyone else recognizes this…if not and you think it’s a grand conspiracy against UH, get over it and think again.[quote=“chojn1, post:14, topic:14785, full:true”]

Best rational I’ve heard. Everything makes perfect sense now.

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