Changeable Speed Limits Coming to TX

Gotta collect some income from somewhere. You can only tax our property so much.

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Only lower a max of 10 mph. Fog? Ice? 70 dropping to 60 won’t have the intended effect, but I suppose that is all the sponsors could expect to pass. A good step.

I figure Roscoe P. Coltrane would be waiting with a speed limit sign he could change when its too late for you to slow down.

We have speed limits?

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Because those dumb a$$es in Dallas didn’t slow the F down in an ice storm? Thanks Big D.

To give tickets you need officers on the road. I recently drove to SA and only saw one cop, both directions. I went 80 all the way.

I’m pretty sure we’ll have changeable crimes before its all over.

Isn’t the speed limit 75mph for nearly all of that stretch?



Yes it is. However, I did occasionally tip into the 90s.

What could possibly go wrong?

Mwhahahahahahahahahaha… - Hackers probably