Charges on Jordan Neely’s death

Wasn’t there a similar case in Houston a few years back?

Pretty much murdered him.


Uninformed as per usual. He was trying to help others not get injured from that guy, who democrats kept releasing. At least know what you are talking about before you call a Marine a murderer. Sad little man back to your coogy outfit.

Why is that in MMA they can do a submission hold and put a guy to sleep without ever killing them.
In this case there are two other people over the guy, they seem to be checking him. They said he kept being aggressive. I think all the witnesses agree the man was threatening other passages. As of now I lean toward not guilty.

I apologize sorry for calling you a “man”

They were holding the man down

It’s NY. The insane man who died was black, the Marine is white. What do you think is going to happen?

Ignored user is:


Yes, Sheriff deputies husband choked a belligerent drunk guy to death for urinating in public.

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I’d guess the ref immediately stops the action when he thinks the guy is out and the hold is broken.
In the Houston case, the husband reportedly would not let go even after witnesses reported the guy turned purple and was no longer struggling.

The witnesses in the NY case may need to be verified by cell phone video if the guy was still struggling and how long the choke was maintained after loss of consciousness. It’s possible I guess he was fighting back until he went limp, which would not be murder AND he let go. Bottom line, need more evidence of sequence of events.

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Why is it ok to call the white guy a marine, but you can’t point out the dead guy’s history?

I don’t really understand your question. Maybe they mention he is a marine because he is , and perhaps learned one on one combat techniques from being in the service ? The victims background
is discussed extensively in the article I read. Lost his mom early, was a street performer and seemed to making something good out of tragedy, then something happen and he became homeless and beggar and street person begging for stuff the weeks prior.