Charleston roll call

We will b there.

Booked the hotel this afternoon.

Let’s go Coogs #23-24.

Who’s going?

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Short flight down from DC, I’ll be there


I’d be going if I didn’t have a wedding to attend. Great city to visit.

Probably be there… Not too far from me.

I’ll be there with a friend. Really looking forward to this trip!

I can’t remember but I think we are close. Now Ralei area.

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I’m just south of Raleigh… In Sanford.

Just got back from a long trip out west… I’m still game for football watch parties even though we stink…

I’ll know more in a few days but might make the Charleston trip . In Fuquay Varina.

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Does anyone know if tickets are available through UH, or do we have to buy through College of Charleston?

[UPDATE] You have to buy through College of Charleston. UH did not get an allotment for this tourney.