Charlie Thomas Invitational

Coogs only took a handful of athletes up the road to College Station, but they had a good showing.

Anybody know why we’re limiting our travel? Cost or COVID?

Hi Timothy,
I just asked someone involved with UH track about your question. The meet was cross country conference. One of the cross country kid’s parents tested positive for COVID19 so coaches were being extra careful about athletes who were possibly exposed and as result, athletes weren’t allowed to practice until they cleared. In the end none of them tested positive.

But even before this COVID19 incident they weren’t planning on taking many athletes anyway.

I hope that answers most of your question!


I appreciate you getting me that info! I’m glad to hear that none of our athletes tested positive. It’s a shame that the season is being impacted like this. Maybe we (the state/the country) will be in better position as the outdoor season progresses.

I hope so too!

We’re talking about 2 different meets here. Cross Country had the American championships yesterday but Track & Field went to the Charlie Thomas meet in College Station. I haven’t looked at the official results at either meet, but definitely two going on yesterday.

We don’t have an outdoor schedule up on the track webpage.

I assumed there wouldn’t be an outdoor season. Maybe everything is too fluid right now to commit to a schedule?

I’d think the conferenece and NCAA dates would already be set, but maybe not.

Per the website scores, there wasn’t an overall team score but was impressed with the coogs placing overall. They will be a force in the championships for both men’s and women’s teams.

And another thing: How are our folks going to get qualified for regionals if they’re not running on the weekends? Maybe last year’s times are counted? I have no idea.

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NCAA website has dates for the outdoor championships, June 9-12 but not dates for regionals. Website sucks as far as providing information. Probably would have better luck contacting the athletic department at UH .

It’s fairly common place for T&F to split the squad or only send a few to certain meets .

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No regionals for indoors. Right now we have two guys who are in position for nationals, Shaun (60m) and Brome (TJ). Still no word on a conference championship.

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