Cheapest parking lot and what gate?

Going to the game Friday, I wanted to have the best experience possible. What’s the cheapest or best lot to park in? I don’t want something too far but also nothing too expensive.

Also, I’ve heard about the long lines. What gate is best to get in quickest.

Can’t wait till Friday, go Coogs!

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Gate by Burger King


Park at the Palm Center and ride the rail. Both are free.


Best lot at that time. Blue.

Best gate 1 or 4

2 is the one by students 3 is the one by little statue of cougar.

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If you park in the Garage by the Architecture Bldg it’ll be $20, but they have a Bus Shuttle that picks you up and drops you off right next to the stadium.

First time I’ve done that, and I thought it was great.

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Does Yates HS still do parking in their parking lot?


You can street-park in university oaks over by the quad for free on Saturdays, but I think maybe not until like 7pm on Fridays

You can park for free on the streets across Scott. Been doing it for years. Easy in and easy out. The gate on the side that faces the stadium garage would be a good one.

I ain’t takin’ responsibility for anything posted on this thread.


It was great to leave the game Saturday night riding the rails and looking at all the people sitting bumper to bumper on the street, instead of vice versa.


So I think maybe some UH Admin or ppl associated with them might be lurking these forums & reported my note.

Reason I say this is bc I used to park in the Welcome Center for FB games, but after posting about it, they had the Welcome Center closed this past Saturday with a sign that said NO GAME DAY PARKING on it…makes ya wonder.

I park in the green lot since I retired. My wife and I take the rickshaw for $10 simply for the enjoyment although it is convenient.

After the game, head south and take Spur 5 to 45. Almost no traffic. From the green parking lot to El Tiempo on Navigation is about 15 minutes.

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