Check out photos of the new Law School building!

Looking good!



looks very lawyer-ish, take something strait forward and twist it out of shape.


Is it supposed to be crooked like that?


That last photo with the downtown skyline is the money shot.

It would be cool if the 3rd floor had access to the balcony on each side, but looks like they are inaccessible ?

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Where will Albert be moved to?

It looks like an intense game of jenga :joy:

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Flat roofs everywhere…

Where exactly is this being built? I see the architecture building but can’t still put my finger on the location and what’s happening to the old law school building?

Looks like it’s in what used to be the parking lot across from Pink’s and the grad student lofts.

Its right next to the current Law school.

Did they make those exclusive to grad students?

So what becomes of current Law School building? Underground storage for storm water? :joy:

Too soon?


That’s actually a question that I’ve had. So far, I haven’t heard anything definitive on that. Not sure if it’ll be torn down, repurposed, or what exactly.

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Maybe more dorms.

I think that was the idea at first but they had to fill with some upper classmen undergraduates when I was still there in 2011.

Probably cheaper to demolish than remediate all the asbestos!


Agree. Fill it in and make it a parking lot or park.

Patty, Atticus and I drove to campus Sunday to wee how it was coming along. Sitting in front it looks massive. Very modernistic.
Last I heard they were going to repurpose the old law school.
Hard to believe but when I was a student our law school was in the basement of the MD Anderson library.

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I was a junior transfer from San Jac and moved into the Lofts the year it opened in 2009. My efficiency loft was tiny with my bed across from the mini kitchen, but definitely part of my 3 years of good memories at UH.