Or my internship just ended and I have nothing better else to do…. But i like your title better :hugs:

We will definitely at interior DL in portal. Honestly the defense scares me going into big 12. With all the starters and old guys we will lose+ the chance we might lose Belk. I hate to sound negative but that just makes me nervous. I hope Belk sticks around for one more year

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Me too. We’ll still be good at DE with Caesar, the two jucos we signed—Strong and Tucker—and Lawrence and Beadles. We have a lot of guys returning at LB—Nunnery, Morris, Cheeks, Willis, Garner, and Payne. Hogan, Alexander, and Ugo are back at corner, and Hypolite, Brooks, Vaughn, Guzman, and Wilson will be back at safety. I think we’ll probably be good but not as good as we’ll be this year.


We need those JUCO guys to be big! Alexander and Ugo are going to be big in the future, Tucker and Strong had P5 schools after them. I think Willis at LB Is a sleeper, he was really highly ranked and was only a freshman. The good thing is, we come off another 12+ ranked season. Going into the big 12 should be easy recruiting pitch for the portal. As we saw this year


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