Cheers for Tonight's game

In the Syracuse, we got two simple cheers started in our section that spread to the entire arena. It might be harder in the larger venue tonight but it sure seemed to get our team going and if you hear them, please join in or feel free to start one in your part of the arena. The same two tonight should work:

DEFENSE! clap, clap, DEFENSE! (Obviously, when we 're on defense. Syracuse fans started this after it worked for us.)

HOUSTON! clap, clap HOUSTON! (Whenever we need to get loud again)

Hoping for a larger UH crowd tonight. Go Coogs!


I’ll be cheering on the team from the comfort of my living room probably yelling and screaming at the large screen TV. Good luck, Coogs!


If the Baylor fans are there, I wonder if they would cheer us on AND vice versa.

I’m not sure if fans are allowed to stay for other games unless you buy a ticket to the other games?

3rd ward D!

For The City…

Kind of thought ‘cheers’ was going in a different direction. But Cheers! anyway


Can someone call Charlie pallilo on sports radio and say the Coogs are back . I’ll try as well

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I never tried that one. How’s the Idaho 7 compare to their other hazies?

Not as much citrus flavor.

You need a dark beer…


You mean like this one? A terrific stout.