Chinese Agents Arrested for Trying to Bribe the IRS

Falun Gong are serious weirdos, but this story is over the top,

I don’t think we need to worry about Chinese intelligence for awhile.

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I would disagree with you on the 2nd sentence.

You might be right, but they step on their toes as much as we do.

The thing is there’s likely plenty of times they don’t that we never hear of.

I think the Russians are evil. I think the Chinese want to inflict pain over how they were treated by Japan. I’m not sure which is scarier.

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Not just Japan the West. The West try to carve up China like a turkey in the 1800’s and colonize it. Hong Kong, Macau etc. They call it the century of humiliation. It’s pay back time a far as they’re concerned

I likely don’t disagree, but they really hate Japan. Big time

They do and the Japanese like wise. When I say they I am talking about the elites the policy makers. The common people admire one another cultures. It’s the pols who mess things up for everyone with power grabs and plays and manipulation of the masses.

Once again, don’t disagree. It’s all a reflection of Imperialism. Taking what you don’t have.

But current China is not our friend, no matter the sins of our past. They are worse than us on many levels.

Thought they finally arrested Eric swalwell.

I do think this basic principle applies to reading right wing propaganda or listening to anyone in the Maga movement:


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Right wing propaganda? What does that mean? Swalwell, was doing a chinese spy. It’s not conspiracy. smh

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