Chris Wallace blames Father/60 Minutes for distrust of media

Says that 60 minutes began the for-profit news “chase for viewers.”

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He is absolutely right.

Thanks. Here is some revenue data for cable news thru 2020.

One of odd things here is CNN gets more revenue for advertising then Fox.
And Fox gets way more from License revenue fee.

There is big disclaimer in the graphs that says -

Note: Numbers are estimates and projections prepared by Kagan, a media research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence, and often are revised annually, even for previous years. Displayed numbers indicate most recent updates. Beginning in 2017

EDIT- there is something screwy with their advertising revenue graph. Actual data points don’t
reflect graphs very well. ANd that SHOULD reverse the graphs. Just sloppy.

There are also a number of cable stations the are
Christian religious entities that have “news” shows too.
These shows are probably not “for-profit-news” organizations , but thrive from donations. The ones
I usually watch for a few minutes are very biased
coverage too.