Cincinatti's President Leaving?

Per rumors : Ono (Cincinatti’s president) could be leaving school for another (British Columbia).

How does this affect Cincinatti moving forward in terms of expansion?

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'bout Ono

British Columbia … eh … ice hockey ice fishing and dog sledding …

Yepp that sure beats being the big Kahuna of a probable P5 football university.


I think your reaching here. Everyone’s dream job isn’t the same. Going home could mean more to him than leading a potential P5 school.

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And some folks can’t spot sarcasm … even if it bit them on their patooties … maarine :wink: … (Mr. Bill should have been a DEAD GIVE AWAY!!)

Yepp Vancouver BC is a beautiful city … very scenic and has one of largest asian populations surpassing SF LA and even Seattle I believe.

Snow skiing just 50 miles away AND the road there is the very first time in my life I have spotted bald eagles in the wild.


Article discussing what Ono’s departure will mean and who will replace him:

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