Cincinnati formally applies to Big XII

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Well, aren’t we all shocked with that!?

Everybody sure BYU will even take the offer?


This is actually happening …

That’s not from the Team. Just someone looking for $$.

I remember that back in the day.


This means Cincinnati is in. We haven’t formally submitted ours? what’s the holdup ?

Get her done already.

What. How do we know it wasn’t submitted after the BOR Meeting yesterday. UH has been consistently quiet as this plays out. All is good imo.

You’re just looking for something to be anxious about


True that!

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It would have been reported, at least like Cincy’s is being reported today.

Correct. But it could have not been made public.
It’s going to be all Good Tom. Gonna get you n the Coogs to the finish line. :smiley:

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Yes we will.

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Bearcats want it more than we do!!

Just kidding.

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