Cincinnati v. TN-Martin

Is anyone watching this Cincy v. UT-Martin game? Cincy looks horrendous? It’s not quite half time so I’m sure they’ll straighten some things out, but they’re down 7-0 with a few minutes left in the 2nd and UT-Martin has turned it over in the red zone twice. I’m kind of embarrassed for Cincy right now.

Big 12 expansion, version 2.0, came at a great time for UH.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. UT-Martin had 2 RZ turnovers and missed 2 FGs, one of which was a chip shot. Cincy finally scored a TD right before half then missed the XP. 7-6 UT-M at the half.

I thought they were playing tonight but didn’t see it on my guide…so I wrote it off. ESPN3, huh?

We need Cincy to win. AAC needs to be strong.

Tulane 3, Wake 7, final.

What a chitty game.

Hope you’re watching Tenn and App St.

Did anyone notice the poor attendance

28,520. Uh oh.

To be fair, they did have an NFL Preseason game going on at the same time in the same city. Cincy folks are already using that as an excuse.

Of course, these are the same folks that said “no excuses” to our plights last year with the SMU/Texans (and Astros) game, the rainy Halloween game, the Cincy flood game, and the ticketing debacle AAC championship game.

Also, UCONN sold 29,777 for their opener against Maine where they needed a last second field goal to win (24-21).

I’m sure UCONN fans will claim that the Patriots and Giants were playing a preseason game at the same time which meant all their many Boston and New York fans were split and couldn’t make it to the game.

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