Cincinnati vs Arizona

They played last night in the Maui Classic.

Final score was 101-93 Arizona.

Of the 8 point margin, 7 of them came from the FT line.

Neither team even tried to play much defense.

Nolley scored 33 for The Bearcats. Mostly from the 3. He can hit virtually any shot.

The lack of defense was NBA like. Just not much.


Yeah we know what happens when both teams face a bit of defense…:slight_smile:


Thats Arizonas style for sure. Just try and outscore you and its worked so far (last yr they were very good)

For Cincinnati, big game today vs Ohio State. Haven’t watched a ton of Cincy yet. Nolley going for 33pts was solid. But they need a resume win

Just thought they’d have a better gameplan for Arizonas size. Tubelis and Ballo, combined for over 50pts

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Arizona scored 60 on us last year, and Tubelis and Ballo combined for 4 pts. :laughing:


Are you related to Dweezle and Moon Unit…sorry i couldn’t resist :rofl: :rofl:

I am a little surprised we aren’t in any of the major early season events.


Sampson said that having to have the Oregon rematch at their place screwed up our tournament activities this year !!

Yep, we scheduled a 2 for 1 with Oregon.

*They played us in 2018, Fertita Center opener

*We played at their place in 2019. Lost unfortunately

And then needed to satisfy this 2nd return trip. Before we move to the Big 12


By the by, and not surprised, Az fakes playing defense. Their main motive is to score, and frequently doing so via a fast break.

They allowed 93 to Cincinnati. Hard to imagine The Bearcats consistently scoring anywhere near that level the rest of this season.

And, as with their game last March vs our Cougars, they will lose in Madness. Someone will put some D on them and they lose their scoring punch.

If this game had been the NBA time of 48 minutes the final score could have been 121- 112. Standard NBA score where we see little defensive efforts.

Didn’t we stomp their butts last year in a tournament ?

Yes, but that was the Maui Invitational.

Wasn’t apart of that 2 for 1 series we agreed to

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Surprised Tommy Lloyd runs that offense, since he was at Gonzaga so long.

Cincinnati got hosed by their rival Ohio State. Sad to see it.

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Did watch some highlights of San Diego St vs Arizona. About 10 minutes worth.

Pelle Larson looks in better shape this year.

Tubelis, who was pretty bad vs the Coogs last year, looks really good

There’s no lottery pick, Benedict Mathurin type, on this team. But, i expect them to run thru the Pac 12 & be a high seed again

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Az does look good and should repeat as PAC 12 champs.

In their second half Cincinnati scored 63 against them. In 20 minutes of play.

This lack of defense will catch up to The Wildcats next March.


You do know that the NBA is a defense focused league?

The NBA is laughable and unwatchable.

College Basketball, by far, is the superior product.


I don’t think they’re better than UCLA, but we’ll see.

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I dont watch the NBA either, but that doesnt mean they dont play defense

Defense can make PPG evaporate.

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