Cinco Reasons Why Tom Herman should not leave for LSU

Would you look at that! This guy said everything we’ve been saying on here. The LSU fans are the only ones that don’t see it.


Well, they did also write an article called 5 reasons he should leave for LSU (or something pretty close to that). But yes, it does validate that we are not the only ones thinking it, and I think the biggest thing is, they are a tier 2 job in their own conference, but they have expectations of a national top tier team. I think that is going to be a really big hurdle to try to overcome when hiring hottest coach in the country.

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Not to mention that their decision-making “procedure” is as dysfunctional as the Big 12.

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Tom Herman does not live in a vacuum. He is a family man.

What his wife likes is unknown, but in Houston she has access to arts, theatre,
opera, museums, fine dining, and tremendous activity at UH.

Hope they don’t need it, but in Houston they have access to great medical care.

If your income range is $50,001 and over, your tax rate on every dollar
of income earned is 6%.

Houston has better and more educational opportunities for their children.

Tom has greater job security at UH than he would at LSU.

Tom can spend more time with his family than at LSU.

He has moved his family every few years. His kids need stability.

Nothing against Baton Rouge, but certainly Houston has many advantages.


I’ll say it. I feel sorry for the residents and victims of the flooding in Baton Rouge, but the city itself? It flat out blows. What a dump.


Waiting didn’t hurt Chris Petersen and hasn’t hurt Gary Patterson. Petersen took a job he coveted at UW and Patterson still gets mentioned for just about every high-profile job that has come down the pipe.

I know Mack Brown has given him advice about being patient and I wonder if Urban Meyer has as well as Meyer burned out after 6 years at Florida after being at Utah for only 2 years. Meyer seems a lot more relaxed in the B1G where every recruiting battle is just as big as winning on the field.

Herman has the pedigree, the backing of administration, stability (no chance we ever run him off), and an easier chance to continue building his brand. No point in jumping just because.

LSU may have peaked, which is why replacing Les Miles will be so tough
The Tigers are elite … for now … but they weren’t always that way
Dennis Dodd

A standard the new guy not only must meet but surpass. That’s because LSU has to get someone better than Les Miles. And Les Miles was pretty damn good.

Improvement isn’t automatic because of the standard set by Les. The man won 77 percent of his games landed nine top-10 recruiting classes.

Les Miles turned down Michigan offer in 2011, says Skip Bertman

“Les Miles turned that job down for more money at Michigan. He turned it down,” Bertman said Wednesday during a two-hour interview on the “Sports Today” radio show on Baton Rouge’s ESPN Radio affiliate, 104.5 FM. “He would never say that because he’s a very humble guy. But I was there; he turned it down.”

Worth noting that it’s every additional dollar, not every dollar of income. Even then, though, it only makes a difference if UH’s offer is within 6% of what LSU is paying him.

Sorry for being pedantic, I’m just tired of hearing people say that accepting a raise would put them in a higher tax bracket and make them lose money.

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