Cincy 10.5 favs in Conference Championship Game

Numbers wise these teams are very evenly matched. I think it will be a close game. Whoever can run the ball and win the TO/Penalty battle will win.


That’s about as succinctly as it can be said. I agree 100%

The bigger the underdog we are the greater the opportunity.


It’s very rare you can lose the TO/penalty battle and win, we did vs smu but cincy ain’t smu. We need to play smart football

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I don’t know if the Coogs will win this game. But I do know that the Coogs are playing with house money here.

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The pressure is on them.


100% can’t turnover the ball. Not once. Eat the ball, throw it away. Let them earn it and drive the length of the field to beat us.

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I sure hope you guys are emailing this to CDH; I doubt he knows all that.


Their coach has one foot out the door. Coogs win 27-24

And with rumors of their coach leaving to….ummm…LSU, yeah LSU we have a very good chance of winning.

If we can’t get points on the board early or Everytime they score on us. We won’t come out of there happy. I believe we are good enough to beat them at this moment but we’re going to have to really want it and they’re going to have to go in there calm because stupid penalties will hurt more this time around.

I believe if they play error free and penalty free football, and don’t let the moment be too big for them, Cincinnati may be able to keep it close.


Mr. Jones is about due for another return TD, I believe.


The folks at Nippert will be cleaning up the mess in the end zones the Cougars will be leaving this coming Saturday.


Quick Google search on the betting lines for the last two big games:

Florida State 2015 Peach Bowl
FSU -7

Oklahoma 2016 kickoff
OU -11.5


We are just talking football man lol. We aren’t coaches we know that. Why every time someone has an opinion on here it’s “you aren’t the coach” or “you should tell coach” type of sarcastic comments


I love it, double digit underdog…Coogs have always played best when have that big chip on their shoulder. I expect a nail bitter…Cincy is a damn good team…Go Coogs !!!


I expect it to go up some more. It opened at 10 and jumped .5 immediately. I thought it would open at 13.5


Weather: High of 52, low of 30. Rain chance 35%.
I haven’t seen us play well in those conditions. Like last weekend, our sideline will probably in the shade (if there is any sunlight). It will take away our speed. At least we got a taste of playing in the cold last weekend to prep us for this weekend. I look for a low scoring game.

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Here is some fun facts for y’all to digest.

Houston will be by far the best defense they have faced all year. #6 Next closest was ND F. Irish #30

Cincy has faced FIVE freshman Quarterbacks this year. Including the Irish :shamrock:
Irish and Tulane now have a new starting QB. Both benched QB’s were true Freshman

We will also be one of the best offenses they have faced. #54 over all (yds)

also one of the best pass offenses they have faced all year #24

They’re avg opposing pass offense for the year is 70.

No one can say they are just going to roll us.

We have the team to win this game make no mistake!


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