Cincy firing Brannen

Rick Pitino in the AAC would be sweet.


They’re gonna try to ruin a man’s reputation just to upgrade. Low ball crap. Maybe why Cronin GTF out of there.


All because they can’t afford him

His annual compensation will be $1.5 million, which includes a base salary of $250,000, as part of a six-year deal worth $9 million, not including potential incentives.

Brannen is still at Cincinnati on March 31, 2022, then he’ll receive a retention bonus of $1 million.

Cincinnati fires Brannen without cause, he’ll receive 75 percent of his remaining compensation.

If Brannen leaves Cincinnati before the end of his contract, his buyout is outlined below.

$3 million – Before March 31, 2020.
$2 million – Before March 31, 2021.
$1.5 million – Before March 31, 2022.
$1 million – Before March 31, 2023.
$500,000 – Before March 31, 2024.
$0 – On or after March 31, 2024.

Cincinnati will arguably spend more by doing this after he sues them for tainting his career.

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Bearcat fan here. (Congrats on the Final 4!).

To say the UC fan base are bummed out would be a grand understatement. We’re in limbo and can’t get much information as to the probable outcome because everybody lawyered up and have been directed to keep silent. The best reporting on the subject is by Justin Williams of The Athletic, who is UC’s beat writer.

From his reporting (and he can’t announce the sources, as anyone willing to talk will do so only anonymously) it goes beyond a dress code for meetings. Allegedly, Brannen’s practices are so hard that the med staff had to intervene on at least one occasion to stop practice. The AD, John Cunningham, reportedly reprimanded him, but Brannen did not amend his practices. The players went to Cunningham over time, not just within the past few weeks. Then, six of them bolted to the portal.

As a couple of posters above mentioned the buyout situation, that definitely is a factor. At present, the school (AKA boosters) would have to pony up $5.25M, unless UC can dump Brannen “for cause”. As you know, neither UH nor UC receive lucrative TV deals that the SEC, B10, etc., receive. The AD recently had to tell Luke Fickell that a formerly $8M facilities upgrade (mostly a new football locker room) would be chopped in half. Many of us, who don’t really know anything, fear that, if the school can’t cut Brannen for cause, and they somehow come up with the $5.25M, Fickell will be upset.

Brannen hired one of the top guns in fighting such NCAA firings, Tom Mars. Mars, of course, is trashing the AD. If the two parties don’t come to an agreement soon, and a new coach can be hired, 2021-22 could be really ugly. We went through something similar when Bob Huggins was forced out in 2005. It took four years for Mick Cronin to dig out.

Oh, well, thanks for listening.



Thanks Steve for the update.

Well at least you are looking forward to football!

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So Huggins (a great coach) is run off. Cronin (a great coach is run off) and Brannen (a top flight coach is being run off).

Why does UC even use a coach?


“The players suggested Brannen was apathetic to the challenges they faced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that he dispensed playing time unwisely and that they had lost all trust in him.”

Didn’t dispense playing time wisely!?!?!?!
Who the ##### are you!?!?!??

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When I was in Fort Worth, I was talking to a Cincy fan at the game and he said Evans quit/refused to come out after halftime in the semi-final game. I never saw confirmation of that but when all of this hit the media it seemed more plausible.

I was not a Cronin fan but did like the AAC having a competitive Cincinnati and Memphis while UH was finding their way to Sampson. We need a bounce back year for the conference.

Good luck. It looks like it might be a bumpy road for a bit.

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Just a question ( not trying to instigate):
Why did you not like Cronin?

They were getting upset with Cronin for underperforming in the tournament.

We ran off Pat Foster for the same reason. I hope they don’t wander in the desert for 30 years like we did. Like other posters have said, this conference needs a strong Cincinnati team.


Foster sucked and his teams were trending down. Firing Foster was not a mistake, it was making the wrong hire.


He seemed like a mad man to me on the sidelines (not as whiny as UConn’s Hurley) and add to that Cincy owned us during the pre-Sampson era and then would exit the tourney in the 1st round or 2nd round even when the higher seed.

Granted, Sampson seems like a mad man on the sidelines sometimes but he is our mad man so I can look past that!


Hope you guys can pull it back together. My dislike for Cincy is a more positive one, I hope you guys win every game other than when you play us. Not like how I feel about Memphis and SMU who I hope lose every game they play for the rest of eternity.


Super weird reasons for not liking Cronin… Dude can coach


I didn’t like cronin for superficial reasons, then i saw a reporter say something bad about one of his kids and cronin went nuts and i re-assessed. He protects his players. Team Cronin.


I saw Cronin as a thinking man’s mad coach.


I don’t feel like his teams stepped up at big moments at Cincinnati, though obviously they did in his one year at UCLA. Or it could’ve just been one player carrying them.

In the years preceding Sampson I would have taken Cronin like a long lost friend.


His final season here, we were 21-9 and ranked #25 at one point. We missed the tournament, but he made the NCAA the prior year. He didn’t suck, but he wasn’t Guy V.


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