Cincy is Gonna Get Hosed

With the playoff first round on Tuesday, they will be lucky to be sixth. They will put Michigan State, Ohio … you name it. I hope they howl and howl about it. If we were in their shoes, I would just go ape!


I feel like it’s win-win, sort of.

Either Cincy gets the shot it deserves or the problems with a 4-team playoff get further exposed when the model is already quite vulnerable.


Doesn’t matter when we beat em in the Conference Championship


Present system was setup for the A5 , created the committee to be the gatekeeper. That don’t want any G5 crashing the party.


Fo real. I don’t care about Cincy making the playoff. Ready to beat them and play in the Fiesta Bowl.


I think we want SMU to beat Cinci so we can host th e conference championship game.


Absolutely not!! We want smu to lose. If cincy beats smu, all we have to do is beat temple and USF to be in conference championship. If smu wins than we likely have to win out to make it


We’re P5 now though, so why do we care? Why do we want the AAC or other G5’s to have an easier path to the playoff than us? If we weren’t going to the Big 12, then I could understand making this argument but it’s whatever now.


I want the conference championship to be in Houston in front of a packed stadium. Only way for that to happen is if Cinci loses one and we win out.


I’d rather not have to be forced to win out to make the conference championship game. Also I want cincy!

I couldn’t care less about Cincy. If there’s a team in this conference getting attention I want it to be us.

I would add I want them ranked high when SMU beats them.


I don’t think they would get hosed if they were not in the top five. Having seen them play Navy and Tulane in the last two weeks, honestly they aren’t any better than we are and we are not a top five team.


Actually, whatever benefits the Coogs the most is what I want. I’m pretty stoked that we could be ranked in the first CFP rankings on Tuesday- as big of a fan as I am, I never thought that would happen. Go Coogs!


Propaganda already starting


I’m a big SMU fan right now. If SMU beats Cincinnati, the CCG will a UH-SMU rematch played in TDECU.


If you fancy yourself a top four team then you dang sure need to play their top four mind games destroy your competition.

Cincy’s record is excellent. I do not dispute they are NY6 worthy. But you really do have to elevate yourself if you want to be considered top four material. Unlike W/L, rankings are based on multiple biases and factors. I think Cincy could be a top four team as a G5. But not this year. I just don’t think they’re top four material. Maybe…maybe top 10. But even that’s a stretch.

I was initially excited to see a team outside the regular 8 teams have a shot, but where it’s lost it’s luster for me is they aren’t beating bad teams by a ton like they should. They are very talented, but not explosive, or even exciting to watch. Half the time they are boring. In a world where perception is reality, that’s just not gonna get it done

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Wow! I will have to agree with you. In the last 30 years, this is the first Cougar team that may be a good team but is a boring team. Oftentimes, it not exciting to watch them play. The are slow and methodical At any rate, Go Coogs!

Having watched Cincy a couple times, not sure they are Top 4. Their schedule going forward gives them zero chance for a P5 win to impress the panel. Just the way it goes. In 2023, UH, Cincy, BYU, and UCF will have their respective chances to go undefeated in the Big XII. Harder to do, but no longer any worries about SOS.

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I meant Cincinnati.