City of Houston & UH Influencers

One thg I was thinking about this morning besides the obvious reason being BIG12 can’t stay as is.

  1. Maybe UH Alum Mr Jim Nantz made a call to Mr Bowlsby on UH behalf.
    He’s been begging, praying for UH to be part of P5. He made an emotional speech at the Houston HOF ceremonies where he was presented an award and made an emotional speech on how UH deserved to be part of P5 Club.
  2. Also outside the box besides keeping media footprint within Houston this also would allow the Conf to look at maybe doing a rotating schd for Conf Ship game. Maybe btw NRG & Jerry World.
    Just few observations I thought of on what might/could/will hopefully put them over the top this time.
    Lastly I didn’t thk there were enough threads going so… :grin:
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I left off Khator. She’s well respected as UH Prez and her stability in Leadership has raised UH couple notches imo.


In these situations the most simple and obvious answer is usually correct. I doubt there was any behind the scenes cajoling. The Big 12 is making an objective decision based on:

  1. Athletic performance
  2. Market size
  3. Facilities
  4. Academic performance

Houston is a no brainer under that analysis. Simple as that.


Give RK a lot of credit. She knew (along with other leaders) for a long time what conferences are looking for. That is why she championed facilities upgrades and prioritized on field success. She knew what these objective metrics were and put a plan in place.


I think it mostly comes down to market analysts and maybe ESPN/Fox showing them some numbers.

The speed at which they changed their mind suggests that somebody made a very good argument on our behalf. Probably using a lot of charts and graphs.

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Market analysis is definitely a driver. However if UH sucked on the field consistently, had horrible facilities, bad academics and no research commitment, I doubt we’re in.


I wish CBS was part of the mix for BIG12 Football. Nantz would tell them 35mil/yr for Coogs , split the rest however you want!! :grinning: :joy:


Interesting how now Bowlsby comes to Khator/Pezman/Tillman, instead of a repeat of 2016 when we went begging.


Also interesting I hesitate to even say on here :confounded:, in some way if this all goes to the Finish Line, UT would have played a big role in allowing this to happen. Although we know for sure helping UH was last thg on their mind when they said adios amigos.

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Bingo, shes been working on this for over a decade. If anyone remembers her efforts with Dr. Simon Bott to just get the students to start wearing red more on campus.


I’m going to look forward to the renewal of rivalries minus UT. If they market this right, no reason it can’t create just as much interest in football as the SEC.


You left off Mack Rhoades…Intergalactic Emperor of Athletics at Baylor.


And his nice new hairdo. Whst is that he has up there!

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Yep, I remember them encouraging more students to wear red.

Btw Bott was an awesome professor, definitely my most memorable. “You’re a wanker!” Lol


Wow… Dr Simon Bott. I can tell you the impact he had on myself as a young freshman in intro chem was enormous. Having a professor champion the school the way he did made me proud to be a Houston Cougar. I would like to think he’s in England watching all of this closely with a huge smile on his face.


Sometime in the next week or so we will some type of official announcement function. The kind of event that in past years I would definitely attend. Sadly I find my limitation on mobility bars my presence. I know from conversations I had years ago with RK and TF that they have been dedicated to this cause for at least the last decade. They had confidence we would succeed when others didn’t. If I were in attendance I would hope I would have the chance to shake their and AD Pez’s hand and say, “Thank you for a job well done”.


Houston was picked to get a decent piece of the Houston market with Texas, ATM, and LSU all in the SEC. The Big 12 had no choice but to bring us in to keep viewership strong in our media market. We will dominate the dollars when we get into that conference.

UH/OU 2016 had a TV rating of 3.5. Only Texas/Notre Dame had a higher rating from a Big 12 school. When Houston is relevant and plays good opponents they get a big chunk of tv viewership


To be honest here, I would rather be a part of the Big12 without UT than with UT. The headaches, drama, and the selfish decisions that UT bring to the table on a regular basis is just not worth it for me! I just want UH to be a part of a Power5 conference without being in the shadows of UT.


I was one of his students. Awesome dude. The only chemistry class that I ever enjoyed.

Miss seeing you Jim.