CKS encouraged COOGS at Lewis Jewelers Event

CKS told a big crowd at Lewis Jeweler’s that he is very excited about this years team! He wants to win every game, but knows that probably won’t happen! He employed our fans to “COME AND WATCH OUR TEAM and not just who we are playing! He also said to fans at game when you get you drinks “THEN COME BACK AND SIT IN YOUR SEATS’. He said having a good crowd means so much to the players! He feels that Norfolk St. & Kent St. will be in the NCAA Tournament.


Was it a good crowd last night?


Kent St definitely could be an NCAA tournament team. Gotta win their conference tournament.

Tough to get an At Large bid from the MAC.

Toledo, Kent St, Ohio, Buffalo, Akron all good programs

A really good crowd and that was in pouring rain!! It was a great event, lots of energy!


Id say about 100+ during a thunderstorm


Was amazing to hear that season tickets were gone and the wait list for premium seats is over 1,000!


20k football season tickets sold also


That was encouraging, but seems a little behind where we should be.

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I wonder if that 20k inckudes the student allocation

I believe the ath dept. thinks so as well

There hoping to be at 25,000 football season tickets for next year!


So… Basically, the same amount as UCF… Got it!

i don’t think we allocate as many to students as they do

They claim to have sold 26,743 tickets and we claim to have sold 20k is my point…

You would think we had sold 2k season tix the way some people on here act… :grin:


Would be nice to see 12k students in TDECU, though!

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Their stadium seats 45k, they’re only listing 41+ as season ticket capacity.

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Its the students that drive the vibe. We should have a jammed student section every game. We’re past the point where Renu needs to take a bullhorn in front of Agnes Arnold and tell people to walk across the street. We have enough student engagement where it should be a rite of passage.


That’s exactly what we need a passage with red something on the floor from every class and on the first game of the season freshman walk thru it and the last game everyone walks thru it and the graduating classes walk in a separate group signifying going to the next school year or phase in life from the fountains to the stadium. Or from library to entrance 14 to stadium


This is how it OUGHT to be.


That’s great news. That would be the 4th straight year season basketball tickets have sold out?

Also, 20k season tickets for football is getting close to our 2016 total, which I think was around 23k.