CKS interviewed with Milwaukee Bucks

I think it’s just a call you take when an NBA team comes knockin…chance to coach the Greek freak.
Don’t see anything happening here… NBA teams are going younger route on head coaches.

Well it is what it is. Kellen could be even better. Sampson strikes me as kind of stubborn and stuck in his ways.

But obviously I know how good Sampson is and he gets results. I just have different ideologies sometimes. So don’t come out with your “ but he wins games”, “in CKS I trust” quotes.

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Money talks but felt he wanted to retire here.

HC KS may really need an NBA HC stop 2 cap off his career.
Rare a team w this much talent has an opening.

If he gets hired.
THANK YOU & let the HC Kellen Sampson era begin.


this doesnt need to happen…


kelvin has been very honest that his dream was the NBA… staying in college was his fathers dream for him.
and that the nba turned him down, he didnt turn down the nba

you only have 1 life, i woldnt fault him for going… i hope he stays, but id welcome the kellen era.


He spent some time in Milwaukee when he was in the NBA. Hopefully he gets his raise that makes him the highest paid coach at UH.

We’ll see what happens, im pretty sure he had mentioned in an interview along time ago when he was coaching in the nba that he asked a certain player why he wasn’t selling out for rebounds. Apparently the player told him in not so many words that he won’t get the incentives from his contract by rebounding lol


Kelvin has also said that his NBA dreams ended years ago and this is his last stop.

I’m not worried.


It’s the NBA. You pick up the phone when that call comes. There are maybe 3 college jobs if any that you don’t leave for the NBA. UH ain’t one of them. Article cited a personal relationship as well w the Bucks organization, professional courtesy is a real thing.

They fired a coach who won them a championship a couple years ago. I don’t know man. He has a cozy sitch here.


this is the narrative im running with.

talk about a curve ball!

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Just got some nice advertising on the NBA combine scrimmage game. Announcers talking about how Jarace picked the right school and how Houston prepared him for the NBA.


Although Kelvin doesn’t need the publicity it’s a tool you can sell some recruits that NBA teams want him to coach their organization. I think that’s why Harbaugh every year takes phone calls from the NFL.


“Nothing’s changed.” LOL

(This is an old reference to a text from Art Briles when asked if he was leaving for Baylor. He did leave, of course.)

Anyway, you can’t really knock someone for leaving for the NBA if that’s what he wants to do. He’s gone a tremendous job here, and I’ll be happy for him whatever he decides.

I really hope he stays tho.



Chronicle article says CKS plans to stay despite ‘visit’

Local Journalists working it hard this past 30 minutes


Berman has texted the same thing

We gonna be alright