CKS on Caleb


I like the Rob Gray comparison for Mills. They both just know how to get buckets. Mills looks like he will be able to shoot 36-37% from three which isn’t bad.

Mills is going to be so much fun to watch develop. He already is someone you can’t take your eyes off of when he has the ball or you’re going to miss something.

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I also suspect that his three-point percentage will take a big jump this coming offseason. The new three-point line is a big jump, and I think he’ll spend a lot of time working on his three-point shooting consistency over the summer.

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I think Caleb will be better from 3 than Rob and is further along on D than Rob was when he arrived as a sophomore.


The two things that I will always remember about Rob Gray:

(1) He had no fear when taking the ball strong to the basket. Regardless of his size or quickness vs the competition, he had a determination to get to the basket and put the ball up on the rim. He was one of the first kids to exemplify the culture of CKS. I loved his ability to compete.

(2) Man-bun.

Go Coogs. Peace.


That’s the component that we’re missing.

The man-bun? :thinking:

Man-bun? I hope he doesn’t mean the bun on his backside! Sounds too gay! But after thinking about it for a while I finally realized what he meant! — a bun of hair!