CKS Post game-AAC Tournament championship


Was really hoping he’d get a couple questions about the progression of Kiyron and Jamal throughout the season

I love that all of the “reporters” fear CKS !!

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Poor Matt Musil, feels like CKS never likes his questions, LOL

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He doesn’t care for any of the bandwagoners


Coached was already in a bad mood going into that presser, regardless, for a senior, didn’t think Matt deserved that.

Matt’s a Rice suck up !!

Looking at KenPom, Houston outscores an average opponent by 30 points per 100 possessions.

On this metric, it’s Sampson’s best team ever. His best Oklahoma team was +26 (made a final four). His Houston teams the last two years were +25 and +24.

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Why is Coach so angry?

He’s probably just still pissed at Ron Hunter.

He did and does. He reported some very inaccurate information about the program early on.