CKS promotes game against Rhode Island

Embedded video. Love CKS and his tenacity and wish the team would get more support:

I’m biased, but I wish coach didn’t have to do things like this. It seems so much harder to build a basketball program than a football program. Hopefully the Fertitta Center provides a jolt in the arm, but wish more people were at the Hof in its last season.

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I agree.

It’s tough to watch these efforts by CKS and then see the attendance at the games. Hopefully, we can make a run and get to the tourney this year.

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I think the effort to build the student attendance is a good effort. Saturday they got free pizza. I think students are interested but have more fun with big crowds so they wait for the ranked, national televised games.

It is December; we have never drawn well in December - ever!

We nearly packed the house for LSU just last year. Rhode Island is currently a better basketball school than LSU but LSU is more recognizable to the casual fans and students. A&M was over 6k back in 2012. Standing room only versus Kentucky in 2007. 8k vs Arizona in 2005.

It’s not that we can’t draw well, it’s just that we rarely play teams that have a name that the casual Cougar fan recognizes.

The real issue regarding attendance is that very (and I use that term with pause) few students go to the games.

When I was a student WAY BACK in the '60’s, you had to get to the stadium early to guarantee that you could get in.

UH played a lot of teams you had never heard of…the real draw was Elvin Hayes and other players, but over 2500 students were present at most all games. AND the UH student body was smaller, few lived on campus and we played
about 15 miles away at Delmar…

As to whey students do not care to walk across the street these days…you will need to ask the students !!!