Classless Tulane Fans

Our DB’s stayed on the field to process the game… that’s impressive. These kids care. Apparently Tulane fans took it upon themselves to reign down expletives on the DBs as our kids were on the sideline. We won’t forget that.


Sounds like the real “DBs” were in the stands. I have never understood why a fan base would do this regardless of the outcome. To do it after your team has won in exciting fashion points to a bigger issue with the person(s) chanting. Each fan base has people like this – some just more than others.


Just completely uncalled for. You won, congrats. Now be gracious.


Yeah, well we get them again next year and the players have a memory.


Unfortunately, this is the norm rather than the exception. I sat behind the visitors bench when we beat Louisville. Our fans taunted Lamar Jackson mercilessly, so much so that he gave our fans the finger, cursed back at them and got in a shouting match with his WR.

I was also there when we throttled UConn 42-14. There was a very nice group of UConn fans in front of me and we had a nice conversation. We kept getting interrupted by a drunk student talking trash to them. The game was well out of hand at that point, and they were very gracious losers. I finally told the guy that if he said one more word to those people, I would throw his butt on the field.

I loved my seats, but I finally had to move because of all the drunks taunting and screaming curse words in front of my kids.


Glad you said something. The older crowd need to school the young-bloods on class. It’s never ever called for (except at ut)


That’s the normal behavior from NFL drunks, college football fans need to be better than that. I’ve seen some vile drunks in our stadium with no class. Selling beer invites this and I like beer and the revenue it brings. Don’t know what the answer is other than strict enforcement of violating the “family atmosphere”.

People are people. Stupid people do stupid things. Classy people act classy.

I remember when we beat Texas Tech in the Rob. Exiting TT fans had to listen to a UH frat boy standing on an elevated platform shouting expletives and vile comments to the TT fans. As a UH fan and grad, I was embarrassed for the university. I’m sure if our President had witnessed this action, the student and/or frat would be facing disciplinary action. Alcohol tends to bring out our inner demons.


I will not excuse these idiots but Nathan is 100% correct. This is part of playing. Believe me when you are on the sideline you are 100% into the task at hand even after the game. The minute you start listening to these idiots you have lost it. This is true before, during and after the game. The best response is always on the field. You can use all kinds of example for motivation. I will go one point further. I was at the infamous U of H vs. UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. Our bench started to get “cute” with the UCLA players. kingsbury and scumlin were full participant. We all know what came next.

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Sportsmanship, good manners and polite behavior have gone the way of the rotary phone, even here in the south. As someone said above, we should be responsible for helping our fans make better decisions about public behavior, especially when women and children are in earshot.

The worst fans I experienced were at Southern Miss. and in Austin. Yelling at players is pretty tame compared to what we experienced in those venues. Sticks and stones, etc.


This has always been the case friends. Even in the 80’s this was happening at uta or atm. I am sure it was happening way before. There are more TV cameras now and cell phones cameras.


Just stupid. College players aren’t paid and wouldn’t deserve it if they were. The greatest measure of a college fan base is how they treat their guests…of whom many have relatives on the field.

What we need is more happy drunks


All we can do is not any of us be “that guy or gal”. Like has been suggested, if you have younglings getting out of hand near you, say something, respectfully.


I apologize for those who were disrespectful. It was quite a game with a very eventful last few minutes and emotions were high but there is no need for what is described above. The Coog fans I met were nice folks and I am glad they attended the game and I want you to feel like you are welcome as our guests, win or lose. I hope you guys win all the rest of your games.


Thank you Wavefan.

I volunteer!

Thank you for dropping by Wavefan and taking the time to post. That says a lot of the person that you are. As you know there are immature and idiots everywhere. It has happened at every stadium including ours. Good luck to your School.