Clayton Tune - The Athletic

Nice article about Clayton and the Coogs in The Athletic. Even though it’s subscription only, I think there are enough subscribers here that I wanted to make sure they saw it.

For those who aren’t, they are offering a free 90 day trial, cancel anytime after that. Well worth it. More sports than I could ever digest.


Yup, a nice story with insights into the whole transition process that has gone on.

And I’ll second the endorsement of The Athletic. I’ve been a subscriber for a while. After being very reluctant to pay for content I took a chance and after a year or so on there I consider it money well spent.


Yep, well written and very insightful! The author did his homework. Tune has been the poster child for Team first! He prolly should have told Applewhite no on tossing redshirt for Army bowl game when minimal prep went into that gm. It seems the staff mostly knew what was going down and went into FT job search mode. Dormady had no qualms saying no thanks. Still think Nautigal should have been thrown out of the gm due to many late hits/gut punch. Refs looked the other way since an Academy team in Armed Services Bowl gm. Would love to see Coogs get another shot at Army in next 2 yrs.

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No doubt Tune has had a bad hand of playing cards since at UofH. Army game burning his redshirt, last year burning his redshirt, corona virus messing up his Spring practice, and add in he tore his knee up before that in high school.

All of this and you still see his great attitude. I think he is a better version of Kyle Postma and we will see great things from him the next two years.


I just want him to win games. If he goes down oh boy.

We’d have to rely on a true freshman