Clayton Tune

Is awesome! Gotta love that kid.


He’s a stud…shudder to think were we’d be without him this season


I just want the person who said Tune was horrible and last season was a fluke to come explain himself.


He is a different QB than earlier in the year. The Cougars finally opened up the offense and he has shined. He’s going through his progressions better and everything.


Really happy the way Tune has matured and progressed over his career. Through circumstances beyond his control, he was starting QB before he was ready, but always put team first. He was criticized on this board for experiencing normal growing pains of the position and change in coaching staffs. History will treat Tune’s legacy at UH very kindly.


He’s the the AAC career passing TDs leader.

So there’s that!!!


The only thing that has sped up about the offense is Tune’s decision making.

Now that he is getting the ball out on time and being more deliberate when he runs, it appears that the offense has opened up.

He is playing amazing and posted a good game against the best passing defense in the American.

I would love to see a replay of his two point conversion. From my view in the stadium he should have been stopped a couple of times but just would no give up. In reality he played the whole game that way.


In the Age of the Transfer Portal, I am surprised he stuck it out. He seemed to put the team first every time. He is not perfect but he does a lot more good than bad most weeks.

It’s unfortunate that UH didn’t play this offense earlier in the season. Trying to use the 2021 formula in 2022 backfired.


Hopefully our backup QB gets more playing time for the final few games


Yep. I didn’t even think about that. He is making quicker decisions even thoughthe plays are still slow developing. Warner got rid of the ball much faster. We don’t see a lot of quick strike slants in our offense.


His time is coming to an end. Seems like he’s been at UH forever. Going to feel odd not having him around. Off the BIG 12 we go soon.

You can see multiple replays and/or highlights by going to YouTube - Houston Cougars.

Same for any sports team.

You either don’t think we can win or think we will be blowing people out !!

Have you seen Belk’s defensive schemes :sunglasses:?

Warner threw 5 yard passes.

Case used to do this alot with bubble screens.

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To me, it seems like Clayton is the only reason we have won the games that we have won.


Gonna be honest here, after the winning seasons with Greg Ward, Jr., then the electrifying play-making of D’Eriq King, I was deflated after D’Eriq transferred out and Tune was named the starter.

I thought, “Ok, let’s give the dude a chance”, but saw little potential in him since he had too many ups & downs, often turning the ball over & costing us games early in his career. I was fed up when we lost to Army in the 2018 Armed Forces Bowl by 70, and we couldn’t score any points…The dude looked lost out there where I believe he got sacked 10x.

But in hindsight, Tune never had stable coaching (which could be said about ALL recruits from the 2016-2019 classes)…but he kept fighting. He did get better, although I still see some issues that have followed him thru his College Career, like ball-security…and in an odd way I feel like Dana & his staff did help him get better, mainly by keeping him in when most fans clamored for a new QB via the Transfer Portal (I confess that I was one of those fans), but at the same time, they held him back, particularly in the beginning of this season.

John Clayton Tune took over QB at the University of Houston during what I call the “Hangover Period” following the highs of the H-Town Takeover Campaign. His career sort of reflects the overall mood around the UH Football Program during a time where most fans still had hope for continuing success, where some interesting recruits were brought in & where there were still some awesome, highlight-worthy, game-winning plays, but the overall dissatisfaction with the direction the Program seemed to be trending in (there didn’t seem to be any Direction) gave way for frustration & apathy to takeover again, no pun intended.

Tune is resilient, determined, and I hope he balls out the rest of the Season & wins another Bowl Game to enhance his NFL Draft Stock. If he’s able to do this, I foresee him going in the Late 2nd Round.


He is being allowed to “play” now. Most of his “woes” were caused by OC decisions . . . . .


Tune is resilient which will translate to an NFL career. I have enjoyed his time here and glad he stuck around with us.

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