Clayton Tune

He looks like a veteran running the offense tonight against the Broncos.

Then, he throws an interception.

Veteran in progress.

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Bummer that the WR fell down and a pick will be registered to Tune. Let’s see how he responds.


Looks like he’s playing the 1st half.

He hasn’t looked good since I’ve been watching. Missed two open receivers in the flats. He has to complete those.


Arizona offense is eerily similar to the Coog offense. Also, I believe he feels right at home in a red uniform.

Like most rookies in their first action, he has his ups and downs. But he has responded well from the pick. I think he will get better with a little more practice to get timing down with WRs.

One thing Tune is experienced in is running for his life and it is coming in handy tonight.


Cardinals fans on Twitter are really letting Tune have it. Some flashes but not a good first half overall.



He looked a lot better on that drive. I may be wrong, but the fact that he is playing the 2nd half tells me the Cards are grooming him for starting the season until Murray gets back.

That next drive taking them down and dropping a dime for the TD looked like he is getting his groove.


He will handle the bashing well from social media , he has a lot of experience from a lot of Coog fans


Tune gave Cardinal fans something to look forward to this season.

13-23. 135 yds.

1TD. 1INT.

9 rushing yards.

If the Card WR hadn’t fallen down on the play, there wouldn’t have been an interception.

He looked poised and professional.

At times it looked like the Houston Cougar offense on the field.


After a few overthrows in the first half he settled down & looked like ole Coog times in the 2nd half. He was happy with his performance overall. He loves his rookie teammates. Says they’re all high character/team first guys! And it’s pretty cool to be playing with/getting support from his childhood QB hero! All y’all’s fav Longhorn!! :sunglasses:


He’s a big strong athletic kid with a high FB IQ. There’s no reason he won’t be successful.

Like Case, Colt McCoy seems like a good guy. And Kyler is also a north TX guy just 2-3 years older than Clayton. Good QB room. Clayton will progress quickly.


Nice video


Murray signed a five-year, $230.5 million extension, which begins in 2024. No way he is not starting if he is healthy. KK is no longer there, and I am sure Jonathan Gannon will give Murray every chance to establish himself in the offense. My question is Murray regressed every season as the season went along, for an offense tailor-made for his skills. How patient will Gannon be?