Cleveland State is Interesting

Cleveland state loss to Ohio 101 - 46

But Cleveland State loss to Ohio State by only 6 (61-67) on the ROAD.

I predict a 30-50 point victory similar to today and our game with georgia state

Ohio went on a 40-0 run in that game. Ncaa record.

I watched Cleveland St a couple of times this season and wasn’t really impressed. They are slow and boring.

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How did they end up playing Purdue Fort Wayne 5 times this season (4 of which were away games)? What kind of scheduling is this?

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Covid scheduling. Play anyone you can.

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Looks like they play a four guard lineup. Seems like a perfect match up for us.

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I better hurry up and do all my research on Cleveland State. They’ll only be in the tournament 5 more days.


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Those guys have no idea what they’re in store for.


Barring an ECU type of performance, we will win by double digits. I see nothing that says upset in the 1st round.

That will be a short lived celebration.


We’d beat the all-conference first team in the Horizon League by double digits.

Never talk down an opponent either before or after a game.


We all know coach Sampson will have the team focused and playing hard as he always demands of them. With coach and this team playing at their talent level, I don’t see an upset.

I’m happy that their team made the tournament, especially since covid took away everyone’s opportunity last March. It’s difficult for small schools in small conferences.

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They earned their birth. We should respect them as a competitor. Historically (at least my recollection) is we don’t play well when we think we’re the better team. We play best when we respect the other guys.


15’s have beaten 2’s. 100% respect your opponent!


I almost spilled my drink reading this lol. Although it looks like the two sitting down in the front have an idea haha

Why does that room have 7 foot ceilings?

Cleveland St-58