Climate change aka we control you

You’ve got a cartoon but reality confirms its not funny:

‘DAVID BLACKMON: Biden’s Energy Secretary Casually Reveals That She Wants To Control Our Decisions’

““In fact, half the gas stoves that are on the market right now wouldn’t even be impacted,” Granholm added, explaining the stoves that would be impacted are “high-end” appliances that, she said, constitute a “wasteful use of natural gas.”

That’s right: DOE’s own analysis admits its regulation would ban the use of at least half of all gas stoves on the market today.”

And the corporate ceo’s are fine with taking your stuff too:

‘Evoke eminent domain’: JP Morgan CEO Says Gov’t Should Seize Private Property to Build Wind & Solar Farms: ‘The window for action to avert…climate change is closing’

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Bill Gates is the creepiest liberal out there. Look up some of the crazy crap he comes up with. Democrats are the anti science and anti freedom party. That is why they try to shove it down your throat. Drag time story time for kids is absolutely creepy. If adult democrats want story time go ahead.
I have a question for the climate change cultist on here?
Why are you on the internet? It’s not good for mother earth. Is there a little windmill attached to your router and pc or phone?

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Huh? Please share.

That doesn’t make sense.

Wow, pivot much? You’re all over the place.

Back to the topic, ok. That’s not a question though.

Lol, so lame.

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That’s Mr. Pepperseed to you !!!