Cma, ckb, cmd

CMA great job prepping this team right out of the gates and focusing the coaching staff on improvements.

CKB with the fantastic quick strike offense taking the opponent out of the game.

CMD with a great and well executed gameplan! Big adjustments from last week.

Mostly, great job players! You executed and came out motivated. Second stringers need to use this experience and grow from it. We will need you.

Edit: and James Casey got major improvements from Special Teams.


The tight end play was nice to see as well


Austin Robinson? This guy looked like Elandon Roberts out there today.


I would give props to CMD for Robinson to…he’s the LB coach…kid has come a long way

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It helps to have a competent kicker. My boi Witherspoon is solid. All I’m asking at the college level is to be automatic from xpoints and 40 yards in fg’s


Have to be happy when all the point come against your second string guys.


CMA: The team was ready to play from the opening kickoff. Organized coaching staff and great game plans by the OC, DC, and STC.

CKB: Had his foot on the gas from the beginning. He attacked Arizona with the vertical passing game and nearly knocked them out in the 1Q. Zona was gassed in the 2Q.

CMD: Had the kids ready to play from sideline to sideline, spying Tate, and going after the ball. The secondary must have read about the criticism on CoogFans after the Rice game because those kids played the best they have ever played in the first half. Job well done, CMD.

CJC (special teams): Solid play. Dane Roy had at least two punts inside the 20 and the coverage teams never let Zona break loose.

One nit-picking item: Slowly mix-in the 2nd and 3rd teams. It got a little uneasy at 38-18 in the 4Q. Not complaining. Solid win. King throws a beautiful deep ball from where I sit in Section 306.

Go Coogs. Peace.


I love how the offense plays fast but also totally in control.

How many times did we see in the previous 3 seasons the team dash up to the line after a big play and try to to surprise the defense by snapping it quickly only to have the play go for negative yards?

Haven’t seen that happen yet. This team executes really well even at the Uber high tempo.

Hats off to CKB.

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Surprised no one commented on Qb sneak under the center with King. I feel like we haven’t run that play in years.

He was better but he did miss one in 3rd qtr inside 40 yds.