Coach Alvin Brooks to be the head coach at Lamar

I wish Alvin luck and I think he learned a lot here. However, he did start our downfall in bb bc he wasn’t ready to be a HC.

Hope he learned a lot and has success

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If Lamar wants a winning Bb program, they better let him hire the best assistants, which includes his son.

The downfall started under Foster. His teams poor performance in the post season, lead directly to the NCAA snubbing us his last year coaching us. Hiring Alvin didn’t help, but make no mistake Foster started the decline …


I remember seeing or hearing a quote after his first couple of seasons about how you always need to recruit a PG, and he had landed a couple amazing ones that apparently could not read the application to UH and made a 7 on their SAT’s.

Something along the lines of, “my biggest mistake was not recruiting a PG that could make it on campus”

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Yeah that type of thing only works at U-tee and Bama. Can’t do that at UH.


Why does anyone make an announcement on April 1st?


Ha ha! Word.

Congrats to Alvin!!!

Pat brought Alvin from Lamar. Foster was an excellent coach and Brooks was a great recruiter. Pat left the program on his own accord and Brooks took over as the program dropped drastically.
Alvin is a great guy and hoping he is successful at Lamar.
Doubt Brooks jr follows him due to his salary


Foster got us to the ncaa’s so he was a good coach. We tended to lose in the first round but at least he kept us getting there in the SWC. It was promoting Alvin to HC when he wasn’t ready which was the downward spiral. We could have gotten a better coach after foster but the admin was lazy as we all know at that time.


This is the truth.

We had a chance to hire Tubby Smith at the time.


Congrats and good luck to Coach Brooks. Thank you for your time here.

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utep coach resigns…could see them targeting a baylor or houston assistant

Has there been any talk yet on possible replacements?

Reading some of the comments on this board, it would seem that CKS could have dozens of posters on here to interview, right? … j/k


Correct. I’m patiently waiting on Sampson’s number to pop up on my phone.


Glad Brooks got another opportunity. That it’s at Lamar even better!

Surprised we haven’t heard who is taking Coach Brooks spot yet.

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My guess is that there is a long line of qualified candidates that are chomping at the bit to be on CKS’s staff. Takes time to find the right fit.


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